Consumer Goods


Today, fast consumer trends are forming the CPG industry. Constantly changing market conditions and competitive conditions is forcing CPG industry into dynamic supply chain management. Competition in the CPG industry is mostly on the store shelves or earliest shipment to consumers. Logiwa easily responds to the needs and challenges in CPG supply chains. You can enjoy the demand driven shelf replenishment strategies with Logiwa – reach out fast to your consumers.


Logiwa solutions provide following improvements to the CPG industry;

  • Effective collaboration with supermarket chains and faster shelf replenishment.
  • Improvement in shipment of goods.
  • Effective tracking of goods’ expire date, lot/batch number information
  • Inventory visibility and accuracy
  • Faster packing, labeling and prepacking processes.
  • Customer specific packing and labeling
  • Traceability along the supply chain.

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