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Run a fully digital warehouse

Are your clients asking you to ship products directly to consumers? Making the transition from B2B to direct-to-consumer fulfillment is hard. Our Wholesale DTC Transition Edition is designed for existing wholesale warehouses that now need to support direct-to-consumer fulfillment for your B2C clients.

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“We knew we needed a modern WMS for ecommerce fulfillment. We looked at all the other solutions available and chose Logiwa for its intuitive UX and ease of use.”

– Hooner Baweja, CEO and founder

“Logiwa makes it easy for us to provide every client with a high-quality fulfillment experience. We use Logiwa to ensure that every order is properly routed, picked, packed, scanned and shipped to customers on time, every time.”

– Kameron Norwood, COO and co-founder