Scale up your Retail Business with the right Solution


Reduced operational costs increase your margins that end up either in price elasticity or increased marketing budget. Logiwa leverages retailers’ sales through optimized margins by harmonizing all sales channels within the same supply chain and allowing you scale your supply chain.

Cycle time

Cycle time is the new KPI of retail and e-commerce. It represents the frequency of order shipment. The lower the cycle time, the faster the fulfillment operation is. Logiwa reduces your cycle time with adaptive and smart logistics systems.

Logiwa balances your supply chain by unblocking your bottlenecks and planning your resources. Logiwa offers “Bottleneck Solver” functionality, a state-of-the-art technology, to monitor, plan and manage your order fulfillment processes. By unblocking bottlenecks of the processes, reduce your cycle time. We allow you ship more.


Seamless processes play a key role in fulfillment productivity. Logiwa also brings productivity to fulfillment. Although workforce is crucial to accomplish the customer experience, smart logistics systems play a key role to enhance customer service and reduce costs by guiding the workforce efficiently.

Logiwa ‘s order fulfillment functionality is designed to improve retail and e-commerce operations. Logiwa provides smart process designs with cutting-edge technology to make it seamless. Logiwa helps you complete more transactions with fewer resources.


Inaccurate transactions end up in higher costs in supply chain operations. When an inventory transaction is completed inaccurately, it means that it will be done twice if noticed right away. If not noticed, it will have bigger losses for the company such as shipping wrong item to the customer, locking down a location for counting. Doing transactions accurately in the first time definitely brings cost efficiency to the supply chain transactions and obviously increases margins.

Feel the power of control in your logistics operations. Logiwa can be configured to grant users the required privileges. Within these grants, the system won’t let users do mistakes. Logiwa benefits from various technologies to achieve accuracy such as barcode, voice recognition, pick-to-light, automated material handling, conveyor and sorter systems.


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