The Secret Behind Small Business Success

The Secret Behind Small Business Success

Small retailers are looking to grow drastically in their early stages. That’s why they can’t afford to lose customers or damage their brand. These problems are mostly caused by defects in inventory management. With proper inventory management, they can avoid missing sales opportunities or overselling a product that would decrease their customer service level and eventually damage their brand.

The Gate to Globally Integrated Retail

With the rise of marketplaces and shopping carts, small retailers are selling their products on multiple channels. Managing the inventory for various sales channels is a challenge. They have to manage item master data separately for each of them; they need to push their inventory real-time to marketplaces and they need to capture the orders real-time.

Mobile is the Key to Accuracy and Real-time 

The ultimate purpose of a true inventory management system is to keep track of physical inventory real-time. This can be only done with inventory management systems that offers advanced mobile use through barcode scanning. An inventory management system with no barcode scanning doesn’t provide the full benefits that it is supposed to provide.

With a single platform that sits on all sales channels(Stores, Website, Shopify, Magento, Amazon, eBay, Walmart etc) like an umbrella sorts out all these challenges. Logiwa is a platform that will help the small retailer to;

  • Manage item list separately for each channel
  • Push accurate inventory real-time to sales channels to avoid over-selling and miss-selling
  • Capture customer orders real-time to provide the committed customer service

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