Ship More with Warehouse Management System


Supply chain may be a constraint for companies’ growth. Companies try to sell more to grow their business. In most cases, they have the concern that their supply chains may not respond to the growth. By reducing operational costs and reducing cycle time continuously, supply chain capacities can be utilized at maximum levels till the time that the management decides to invest in supply chain.

Assume your marketing department kicks off a successful marketing campaign that boosts your sales by 30%. When the orders start flowing into your warehouse, the warehouse should be able to fulfill these orders. If not, the marketing budget is spent for nothing, besides the company will experience an image problem for not realizing their commitment. Logiwa allows the warehouse to fulfill and ship more by speeding up the process and prioritizing the objectives. This is realized by an easy configuration change that changes the whole warehouse and fulfillment process.

Retailers are now comfortable with selling more, launching marketing campaigns and growing their business because Logiwa helps them handle instant sales increases, utilize their supply chain capacity at maximum levels and eventually allow them to sell more.


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