3 Steps for Synchronizing Barcode with Inventory Management

3 Steps for Synchronizing Barcode with Inventory Management

Synchronizing Barcode with Inventory Management

In our previous post 4 Benefits of Using Barcode Technology in Inventory Management, we introduced how businesses can take advantages of barcode scanners. Using a barcode scanners app and synchronizing barcode with inventory management system provides greater productivity and accuracy to the business than traditional inventory management methods. Here are a few simple steps to guide you get a barcode scanner setup for your inventory management.

Get a Barcode Reader

To hit the ground running, all you need is a barcode reader or scanner. Nowadays, there are tons of barcode scanners and barcode guns listed on Amazon. Just spend less than $40 bucks than you can get one. It is quite affordable for small to medium-sized businesses to invest in barcode scanner.

Generate Barcode Labels

After preparing a barcode reader, next step is to generate barcode labels for your inventory.

A barcode label can contain and present a massive amount of information regarding products. You’ll need to define what you want to track and record through barcodes. For example, SKU number and attributes can all be included in a barcode.

Here are some free online barcode generating websites like Barcode Generator and OnlineLabels.com. You can easily enter barcode data and choose the barcode type to create your own barcodes.

It is also possible to use Logiwa to generate barcodes for your products, locations, pallets and shipments etc.

Connect to Your Inventory Management System

Last but not least, implementing barcodes along with dedicated inventory management system helps you manage inventory more efficiently and make more profits in the long run. Once the barcode system has been set up, you can synchronize it with your inventory management software.

Logiwa Inventory Management System will be the perfect choice for you. It is designed for small to medium sized businesses and allows you to track inventory via multiple devices in real time using the barcode technology. Click here to learn more about how Logiwa unblocks your bottlenecks by seamlessly integrating barcode system with inventory management for you. 

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