Warehouse Barcode Technology and Barcode Scanner App - Processes

Warehouse Technologies to improve fulfillment process – Barcode Technology

Using Barcode Technology and Barcode Scanner App In this article, I will try to explain the usage of warehouse barcode technology in a small-sized retailer’s inventory management processes. Barcode has been in use for many years in retail warehouses. Barcode … Continue Reading

Logiwa Inventory Management System Integrated with ShipStation

Logiwa Offers Shipstation Integration

Logiwa Inventory Management System Integrated with Shipstation Shipstation is one of the essentials of shipment in e-commerce. Logiwa Inventory Management System integrated with ShipStation. The state-of-the-art inventory management software offers more benefits to businesses with Logiwa ShipStation Integration. Logiwa integration with Shipstation … Continue Reading

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What are the main benefits of an e-commerce WMS?

What are the main benefits of an e-commerce WMS? Accuracy Barcode: Warehouse Management Systems use various technologies to achieve accuracy. The most common and affordable technology is barcode and voice technologies. By scanning the product barcode and location barcode, WMS … Continue Reading

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The Role of Inventory Management Software in Fast Moving Retail Business

Faster than Ever Today the world of retail is fast moving, ranges change with ever greater frequency and if products are not available at the point of sale on time, drastic sales loss occur especially in sectors with wide range … Continue Reading

Magento Inventory Management Software

Integrate Seamlessly with Magento

Magento Inventory Management Software for Retailers Today, e-commerce is one of the most trending topics for an individual, for a small business, and even a large retailer who is selling their products online. Having the right inventory management system is … Continue Reading

Shopify Inventory Management Software

You can Start Selling on Shopify with Logiwa

Shopify Inventory Management Software for Retailers We are glad to announce that Logiwa is seamlessly integrated with Shopify, one of the best e-commerce platform that has everything you need to sell online, on social media, or in person. This integration makes … Continue Reading

Challenges of an e-commerce warehouse

The Challenges of an Online Retailer in the Warehouse

Backorder Handling In e-commerce, the demand fluctuates on a daily basis. As a result, e-commerce warehouses face unpredictable backorders. Automatic allocation and packing of backorders during receiving are crucial in e-commerce. Single-Item Orders In e-commerce, the average number of single-item … Continue Reading

Unblock Your Bottlenecks by Real-Time Monitoring

  Monitor your processes in real-time, and continuously identify and unblock your bottlenecks through “Bottleneck Solver“. Logiwa monitors users, transactions, order and inventory status many others in real time. The KPI of retail and e-commerce logistics is how fast the order fulfillment … Continue Reading

Inventory Management Software for Wayfair

Connect Your Wayfair E-commerce Businesses with Logiwa

Inventory Management Software for Wayfair Logiwa successfully built organic integration with Wayfair. Sellers on Wayfair can simply connect to Logiwa by defining their own account information. This real-time and seamless integration provides our clients a better understanding of their online business. … Continue Reading


Optimize Your Houzz E-commerce Businesses with Logiwa

Houzz is an online platform about interior design, decorating, landscape design and home improvement. Now, Logiwa is successfully integrated with Houzz marketplace. By defining account information, our clients can easily connect their inventory management to Houzz. As always, Logiwa provides a seamless … Continue Reading