Warehouse Management System – Electronics Retailers

With the rise of technology, electronics retailers achieving more sales than ever. The logistics of smartphones, tablets and new generation electronics devices are getting more crucial. Because of the high demand, demand fluctuations and product variations, inventory management processes are … Continue Reading


Warehouse Labor Planning – A Spreadsheet Template

In this article, I will explain a simple spreadsheet template for warehouse labor planning. I will use a sample warehouse of a small retailer. Usually, the bottleneck in a retail warehouse is picking or packing process. So, it will be … Continue Reading

Order Picking Technology - E-Commerce Fulfillment

Selecting The Right Order Picking Technology – E-Commerce Fulfillment

3 week ago, one of my clients requested a meeting to discuss their physical picking process in his warehouse. Together, we have analyzed their warehouse operations and created a detailed report including all the KPIs in the warehouse. After the … Continue Reading

Inventory Management Software - Easy Onboarding

How To Prepare Your Product Master Before Starting A WMS Implementation

In order to achieve a smooth WMS implementation, the product master should be prepared to cover all the requirements and business flows. Different industries require different product configurations. I will try to explain basics of preparing a product master to … Continue Reading

Logiwa_Shopping Cart & Marketplace Integration

How Can I Manage Multi-store Inventory In A Warehouse ?

In this article, I will try to explain multi-store inventory and how to handle your inventory in multi-store environments. When we talk about multi-store inventory, we do not mean multi-channel inventory. Basically, if you have just one store in a … Continue Reading

Don't Fear Selling More with Logiwa

Warehouse Management Solution For Online Fashion and Apparel

When you have a fashion and apparel warehouse, especially if you are in online business, your warehouse management system must fulfill some important requirements. The average number of products in an order is around 2 items per order in online … Continue Reading


3 Barcode Scanning Technologies That Are Used For Inventory Management

Barcode scanning technology is being used to achieve real-time inventory, accuracy and productivity in the warehouses. The main benefits of barcode technology are to prevent human errors and save cost. Depending on the business, products and size of the operation, … Continue Reading

drop-shipping across multi-channel-02

How to manage online inventory when drop-shipping across multi-channel?

Drop shipping is a fulfillment model that allows you to buy products individually from a vendor or wholesaler and let them ship them directly to your consumer. Instead of buying inventory and handling in your warehouse, you simply partner with … Continue Reading

Directed putaway algorithm - Warehouse

3 Functions to Consider Before Setting Up a Directed Putaway Algorithm for your Warehouse

Directed putaway algorithms are used to suggest the most suitable location for a pallet or product. Directed putaway algorithms must be well designed to achieve more effective warehouse management. Each warehouse may require a different putaway algorithm because of the … Continue Reading

User Roles Warehouse Management System

What are The Main User Roles in a Warehouse Management System?

One of the most important steps to start using a warehouse management system is setting up the user roles in the warehouse. The common user profile in a warehouse may be warehouse manager, supervisor, picker, packer etc. We will try to … Continue Reading