Logiwa Inventory Management System Integrated with ShipStation

Logiwa Offers Shipstation Integration

Logiwa Inventory Management System Integrated with Shipstation Shipstation is one of the essentials of shipment in e-commerce. Logiwa Inventory Management System integrated with ShipStation. The state-of-the-art inventory management software offers more benefits to businesses with Logiwa ShipStation Integration. Logiwa integration with Shipstation … Continue Reading

Warehouse Efficiency

Increasing Warehouse Efficiency Through Technology

The first one is dynamic allocation process. When the orders are pulled from online and offline sales channels, the traditional systems direct pickers to the stock instantly. Yet, this doesn’t generate any job lists to assign to a picker or … Continue Reading

Unblock Your Bottlenecks by Real-Time Monitoring

  Monitor your processes in real-time, and continuously identify and unblock your bottlenecks through “Bottleneck Solver“. Logiwa monitors users, transactions, order and inventory status many others in real time. The KPI of retail and e-commerce logistics is how fast the order fulfillment … Continue Reading