Warehouse Layout Design

How to design your retail warehouse layout for your small business?

Warehouse Design Layout The layout of your small business warehouse directly affects the day-to-day productivity of your fulfillment operations. In order to achieve a smooth daily workflow, the warehouse layout should be designed properly. Otherwise, there will be workers, forklifts … Continue Reading

Inventory Software for Vend

Connect your Warehouse and POS System with Logiwa Inventory Software for Vend

Inventory Software for Vend We are pleased to announce that Logiwa Inventory Software is seamlessly integrated with Vend which is America’s leading retail POS software. Logiwa helps their customers connect their e-commerce providers in real time and keep their inventory, orders, and … Continue Reading

retail inventory

The Role of Inventory Management Software in Fast Moving Retail Business

Faster than Ever Today the world of retail is fast moving, ranges change with ever greater frequency and if products are not available at the point of sale on time, drastic sales loss occur especially in sectors with wide range … Continue Reading

Challenges of an e-commerce warehouse

The Challenges of an Online Retailer in the Warehouse

Backorder Handling In e-commerce, the demand fluctuates on a daily basis. As a result, e-commerce warehouses face unpredictable backorders. Automatic allocation and packing of backorders during receiving are crucial in e-commerce. Single-Item Orders In e-commerce, the average number of single-item … Continue Reading

The Secret Behind Small Business Success

Small retailers are looking to grow drastically in their early stages. That’s why they can’t afford to lose customers or damage their brand. These problems are mostly caused by defects in inventory management. With proper inventory management, they can avoid … Continue Reading

UPS integration with inventory management software

Carrier Integration with UPS

UPS Integration with Inventory Management Software Logiwa is fully integrated with UPS which is one of the world’s largest parcel delivery companies. Logiwa is the best choice for retailers who are looking for UPS integration with inventory management software. This functionality allows the … Continue Reading


Small Business Inventory Management Challenges – Returns by Customer

The retail is evolving with new technologies and innovative players continuously. The online retailers in the market are requiring superior technologies for their warehouse to gain more productivity. Despite massive marketing investments in websites, mobile apps, and social networking channels; … Continue Reading

Inventory Management Software for Small Retailers

Small but not limited functions When we talk about inventory management software for small businesses, it shouldn’t mean software with limited functionality – nothing more than an excel file. Small businesses need to integrate with marketplaces, shopping carts, shipment carriers and … Continue Reading

Integrate to USPS through Stamps

Logiwa is fully integrated with Stamps which is an official vendor of postage for the US Postal Service. This functionality allows the customer to print labels through Logiwa screens and there is no need to use Endicia user interface. Below are … Continue Reading

7 Questions You Should Ask Your WMS Software Vendor

What is Warehouse Management System (WMS)? A traditional warehouse management system (WMS) is a software application, to manage warehouse or distribution center operations. With the rise of e-commerce business, inventory is now beyond 4-walls of the warehouse. As a result, … Continue Reading