Top 3 reasons to have a dedicated IT team in logistics facilities

In most companies around the globe, central IT team is taking care of all functions’ IT and software requirements. These IT teams are located in the central offices as do Finance, Accounting, Sales and other functional teams. Hence, logistics facilities and operations are not located in the central offices, they are spread around the geography that the company operates.


The first reason that logistics facilities should have a dedicated IT team, is proximity. The Warehouse IT team will be able to sort out fixes, bring reliable solutions to business needs. Speeding up the operations in a distribution center may also be crucial at peak times and this requires software configuration changes. Hence, logistics processes require continuous improvement and this should be handled by IT and operations teams hand-in-hand.


The second reason is logistics expertise of the IT team. The IT people who are dealing with logistics operations and challenges, eventually happen to be logistics experts. And with logistics know-how, IT people are able to bring fast and more effective solutions to logistics challenges.


The third reason is not to add logistics needs and problems to the end of the long queue of IT tasks. IT task list includes many tasks from ERP, CRM etc. software for sales, financial functions. Logistics runs 7/24 in most cases and it can’t handle long down times or inefficiencies. Otherwise, sales, financials, customer service and more will get affected negatively anyway.

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