Unblock Your Bottlenecks by Real-Time Monitoring


Monitor your processes in real-time, and continuously identify and unblock your bottlenecks through “Bottleneck Solver“. Logiwa monitors users, transactions, order and inventory status many others in real time. The KPI of retail and e-commerce logistics is how fast the order fulfillment operation flows that is represented by cycle time. The lower the cycle time, the faster the fulfillment operation is. We reduce the cycle time with our adaptive and smart logistics systems.


Logiwa offers “bottleneck solver” functionality in order to identify bottlenecks and give suggestions to resolve them. E.g. packing stations may not keep up with picking process. There is a queue of 10 orders on average at any time at packing stations waiting to be packed. If two resources are moved from receiving to packing, the bottleneck will be resolved and cycle time will be reduced.

Solving one bottleneck in order fulfillment may result in another bottleneck in other processes. There may be a continuous occurrence of bottlenecks. The key point is monitoring the processes in real-time, and continuously identifying and solving these bottlenecks. Eventually, at every bottleneck resolution, the cycle time is reduced and the operation flows faster.


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