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Warehouse Logistics Essentials

Take control of your warehouse logistics with a cloud-based WMS.

With warehouse logistics software, you can manage the complex web of inbound and outbound shipments, retail sales, and returns. A warehouse management system (WMS) supports all of the critical processes of a warehouse, including receiving, storage, replenishment, picking, returns, packing, delivery and quality assurance. 

Our WMS will track the entire inventory on an item-by-item basis to provide a complete picture of your inventory situation. It will identify where in the warehouse each item is stored for efficient put-away and retrieval. It can track items across all your channels such as retail and e-commerce, so you have an omnichannel view of your business at all times. Without a comprehensive system, warehouse operations sometimes have to rely on employees' institutional knowledge to know where items are located in the warehouse. With a WMS, all of the answers are in the system available to anyone.

The WMS is the nexus for all your warehouse logistics technology, connecting barcodes, RFID tags, mobile computers, racks and bins, voice picking, robots and anything else that may be coming soon.


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Typically an organization will look for warehouse logistics solutions when their current system is no longer adequate. Perhaps the company has grown through mergers and acquisitions and sees the need to blend disparate systems into a unified approach. Maybe your organization is struggling to keep up with the growth in e-commerce demands. Customers of all types of companies have come to expect fast shipping times and notifications for every shipment. An out-of-date WMS simply can't keep up.

Transitioning from a legacy WMS to a new system can be a complex undertaking for any organization, but it's worth the investment of resources. Your operation will experience a higher level of inventory accuracy, up to 100 percent with Logiwa, as well as faster cycle times. Your warehouse operations will be streamlined and integrated with other systems such as accounting and ERPs, carriers, and warehouse automation devices.

Successful warehouse logistics requires access to real-time data that drives decision making. The WMS supports the latest fulfillment strategies like wave planning, batch picking, zone picking, and cartonization. Also, you can optimize labor and picking strategies for maximum efficiency.

Your warehouse logistics software should not only reflect the current realities of your operations but also prepare your business for the future. Across the board, e-commerce will continue to play a more significant role for most companies. More direct-to-consumer shipping requires warehouse software that can handle large numbers of individual shipments as well as pallet-in and pallet-out operations. With the right warehouse logistics solutions, you can ensure that you have the right amount of product in the right place at the right time. 

Warehouse logistics technology will increase operational efficiency, improve customer service, reduce error rates, and provide new levels of transparency and visibility throughout the enterprise. 

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