Innovations in Warehouse Management System Facilitate Multi-channel Sales

Mobile trade and social media trade channels are also used by customers as an alternative to traditional retail channels recently. Multi-channel model that enables management of all sales channels together, entered into companies’ strategic plans as new sales channels spread in the market.

In the multi-channel model, without geographic boundaries, the customer likes the product in any sales channel, orders through any sales channel and gets the product delivered anywhere within any time slot and return it through any sales channel.

Multi-channel model requires an efficient and proactive warehouse management infrastructure and technology for the companies to apply multi-channel model effectively and seamlessly.

There are 4 main needs and challenges of the supply chain that multi-channel model requires;


With the multi-channel model, the customer receives the right product that he/she ordered from any sales channel anywhere. In order to do that seamlessly, fast and responsive system should be in place in all processes such as procurement, warehousing, order fulfillment and packing. After the order fulfillment process, shipment and delivery processes should be optimized in order to establish the balance between cost and customer service. This can be done through route optimization and new generation delivery planning technologies.


In the Multi-channel model, many sales points and delivery options are offered to the customer in sync. Therefore, inventory and all processes should be shared and be in cooperation throughout all channels. At this point, especially correct figures, trace-ability and transparency of inventory is crucial. One of the KPIs of this model is inventory trace-ability not only in the warehouse but also within processes from procurement to delivery to the customer. Multi-channel can be applied successfully with feasible, flexible, real-time and integrated warehouse management technology.

Inventory Sharing

The most challenging and critical process in the multi-channel  warehousing is inventory sharing throughout all sales channels. Therefore, a feasible warehouse management system for multi-channel should be implemented for the inventory to be viewed, offered and demanded by all sales channels. Required priorities, allocations and reservations should be included in the system through this cooperative infrastructure. This process can be managed efficiently through accurate stock management, distribution and delivery solutions.

Innovation in Transportation

Multi-channel inventory model requires a perfect distribution and transportation system should be implemented between suppliers, plants, warehouses, transit centers, sales points and customers. Therefore, the process requires an effective and comprehensive transportation and distribution management system

Logiwa WMS, through its global experience and continuous R&D activities, is offering an extensive global warehouse management solution for the multi-channel model.

Logiwa splits up multi-channel supply chain management into 5 main processes and designed feasible solutions.

Procurement Management

In the process, suppliers’ stock, orders and operations can be traced effectively and provide them to deliver the purchase orders to the accurate location seamlessly through “Supplier Portal”

Inventory Management

This is one of the most critical processes of the model. Logiwa RouteArt ensures the accuracy, trace-ability, availability of the stock through “Supply Chain Planning”, “Inventory Sharing” and “Continuous Replenishment” Besides, processes such as inventory optimization, buffer stock management and stock replenishment management can be managed easily.

Warehouse Management

In this process, Logiwa enables management of warehousing, order fulfillment, picking, packing and reverse logistics processes through “Warehouse Management” and “E-Logistics Management”

Distribution Management

Through “Distribution Planning and Route Optimization” solutions, the distribution costs are minimized and customer service is enhanced.

Delivery Management

This process has critical value to complete the multi-channel model and crate competitive advantage. Logiwa RouteArt offers optional delivery options and time slots to the customer through “New Generation Home Delivery Planning” Thus, the customer is offered a good shopping experience not only at the sales points but also during delivery.

Logiwa WMS is designed as a warehouse management system for multi-channel inventory management with global partnerships. Logiwa’s multi-channel warehouse management system  is developed with most recent technologies as web based with the ability to integrate to all other ERP and automation systems.

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