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Warehouse Software Upgrade

Can your warehouse software keep up with times? If not, it may be time to adopt a cloud-based, scalable solution that can help boost efficiency and lower your operating costs.

Upgrade to Logiwa Warehouse Software

While warehouse software may not be the flashiest technology, it's the nerve center of your supply chain operations. If you've been in business for a while, you may be operating with a legacy system that was state-of-the-art at the time. But it may not be capable of supporting your operations for the future.

Every warehouse software solution provides essential functions – inventory tracking, order picking management, shipping, and replenishment. But can your current system support direct-to-consumer e-commerce and the higher level of returns that are a part of that channel? Does it support an omnichannel view of your inventory regardless of the sales channel? Will it sustain high-level service expectations like same-day order processing and real-time order-status information?

Your warehouse software could be holding your company back. How do you know it's time to upgrade your warehouse software? Here are a few clues.

  • Do you run two warehouse software systems, one for wholesale and store replenishment, and one for consumer-direct orders?

  • Can your current system provide the throughput to meet demand?

  • Is your system flexible enough to manage fluctuating mode types and order volumes?

  • Does your system meet data security requirements for customers' personal information?

  • Does your system integrate with automated equipment?

  • Does your system integrate with your accounting or ERP system?

  • Does your system help generate the ROI you need?

Using cloud-based warehouse software enables your company to have access to the latest version at all times. Managers can access the system from anywhere there's an Internet connection, using practically any current mobile device or desktop computer.


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Access to real-time data allows you to make real-time decisions. With a deep understanding of your warehouse and its capabilities, you can use sophisticated fulfillment strategies like wave planning, batch picking, zone picking, and cartonization. You can easily optimize labor and picking strategies for maximum efficiency.

Warehouse management software should also support cross-docking strategies. After all, it's your goal to move products to customers while reducing damage, cost and time. Cross-docking can support a just-in-time shipping process, moving products from receivables to outbound shipping with minimal storage time. With accurate, timely data you can reduce inventory-carrying costs while meeting customer expectations.

Your warehouse software should reflect the current realities of your operations and prepare your business for the future. Across the board, e-commerce will continue to play a more significant role for most companies. More direct-to-consumer shipping requires warehouse software that can handle large numbers of individual shipments as well as pallet-in and pallet-out operations. An inventory system must be able to view your inventory no matter where it's located and where it may be sold.

If you're looking for a new solution to your warehouse software problems, talk with Logiwa. Our users have experienced the benefits of real-time data like 100% inventory accuracy and doubling their shipping efficiency.

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