Logiwa Connects to BlastRamp Fashion ERP

Logiwa Connects to BlastRamp Fashion ERP

Fashion has very particular rules and dynamics, especially in retail. Fashion retailers need specific tools to manage their sales, orders and items. One of these great tools is Blastramp, a great ERP software for fashion retailers that offers all fashion specific tools. We’re excited to announce that we are now fully integrated with BlastRamp, to better serve our fashion retail customers.

Logiwa is the best inventory management software in the market for retailers even in fashion. Logiwa’s Blastramp integration helps retailers track and manage their inventory even better, in real time. Now, you can push your inventory to Blastramp and send your orders from Blastramp to Logiwa as well. You can also fulfill these orders and push the shipment and tracking information back to Blastramp with a click of a button.

This process is so seamless that fashion retailers no longer have to worry about their inventory management and can focus on sales — just in time for the holiday season.

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