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Web-Based WMS Software

Web-based WMS software can transform your warehouse operations.

Why Should You Use Web-Based WMS Software?

Using web-based WMS software could turbocharge your operations, boosting efficiency and accuracy and pleasing customers as well.

Web-based software – also known as cloud-based – is the latest innovation to hit the WMS space. A web-based WMS system also known as Software-as-as-Service (Saas), allows users to connect with the software via a web browser or dedicated interface. The software is not located on a single computer or servers ran by your company. Instead, the software is hosted on a server hosted by a service provider.

Any web-based WMS software is always on and always up to date, ready to go to work. That means your company is not responsible for product updates and security patches. You'll always have access to the latest version. A web-based version usually costs less to deploy up front and less to operate over time. You can run it on any computer or mobile device that meets the basic requirements. There's no need for expensive proprietary hardware.


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With the spread of high-speed internet service, web-based software is fast. That means you don't have to wait for data to update or commands to go through. Data security is higher because there's no data stored locally on your computer, so there's no information that could be lost in a security breach.

A cloud-based system can be scalable with your company. You can pay for the users you need now, and scale up or down as needed. It's more of a subscription model than an expensive software license model.

A web-based WMS provides all the usual functions, including inbound shipments, inventory control, picking and packing, and shipping.  End-to-end visibility allows you to locate inventory and improve picking and packing accuracy and efficiency.

Also, Logiwa's solution helps you manage labor and assets for the most efficient setup. Improvements in shipping velocity can reduce expenses for  labor and vehicles, or enable shipping volume to scale up without the additional operating expense. Use load optimization tools to reduce shipping costs. Manage reverse logistics with the same tools for greater transparency and visibility.

Web-based WMS software is being used in some of the most active distribution centers around the world. Some companies are ready to upgrade as they shift toward a multichannel or omnichannel fulfillment model to support booming e-commerce volumes. Inventory visibility is accessible to anyone and retail, wholesale and e-commerce orders can be pulled from wherever is most efficient. Logiwa's web-based software solution supports near-100% inventory accuracy.

If your company has expanded through mergers and acquisitions, you may need a WMS solution to bring the different companies into a single process. With web-based WMS software, you can add scale without capital expenses and a long lead time IT implementation. Logiwa's solution offers integrations with more than 70 of the top supply chain and business solutions to support your existing workflows.

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