Logiwa Connects to Xero

Logiwa Connects to Xero

We are so excited to announce that Logiwa WMS is now integrated with Xero, online accounting software, which is perfect for small and medium-sized businesses to control their accounting operations.

An inventory software cannot work properly without interfacing with other parties such as accounting systems, selling channels, shopping carts and shipment carriers. Like shopping carts and shipment carriers you have to connect your inventory software to your accounting system in order to synchronize your purchase orders, bills, shipped orders and returns.

Logiwa’s inventory management software seamlessly synchronizes with Xero accounting system to make it easier for our customers to boost their businesses.

With Logiwa WMS – Xero integration, our customers can:

  • Export completed invoices from Logiwa WMS to Xero
  • Push purchase order bills immediately to Xero
  • Import product information
  • Import Purchase Orders from Xero

Connect your business to Logiwa WMS

Logiwa WMS is the most connected inventory management system that connects all parties and offers seamless supply chain management. Logiwa WMS provides:

  • Shopping cart integrations ( Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce etc.)
  • Marketplace integrations (Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Jet.com, Houzz.com, Groupon, Sears etc.)
  • Shipment carrier integrations (FedEx, UPS, USPS, DHL etc.)
  • Accounting system integrations( QuickBooks, Xero etc.)
  • Open Restful APIs

About Xero

Xero is a cloud-based accounting software that helps small and medium-sized businesses to manage their numbers effortlessly.

Founded in 2006 in New Zealand and now there are 20 offices in all over the world. Xero is suitable for different types of businesses like retail, high-tech, manufacturing, farming, non-profit, Amazon sellers…

Xero clients can see their cash flows in real-time with online accounting, invoicing, payroll, billing, and banking.

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