Do you need a WMS that will scale with your next 10 years?

Warehouse and Inventory Management Software for Small to Medium Businesses

Logiwa offers clean and easy-to-use Warehouse and Inventory Management Software for retail and e-commerce.

Receiving & Returns

Build a seamless process including backorder handling and cross-docking. Receiving is the primary source of productive and accurate fulfillment. See more..

Directed Putaway

Putaway your inventory smartly through user-defined rules and algorithms. Logiwa suggests optimized putaway locations for pallets and products.

Real-time Batch Picking

Synchronize multi-channel order fulfillment by intelligent batch picking functionality . Logiwa offers rules and algorithms to create effective picking strategies. See more…

Order Packing

Pack your orders accurately, efficiently and easily with user-friendly packing stations. Consumer’s satisfaction boosts when he receives a nice order package.

Order Shipment & Dropshipping

Achieve smooth order fulfillment through integration with carriers and vendors. Print shipment labels and get best rates with our rate shopping.



Our WMS Provides Unlimited Interfaces & APIs

Fully Integrated All-in-one Warehouse and Inventory Management Software

Start managing your inventory right away through easy and effortless setup. Logiwa offers exactly what e-commerce and retail needs – nothing more, nothing less.

Tailored to Retail & E-commerce

Focus on the needs and challenges in the retail and e-commerce environment. We offer advanced functionality and expertise for inventory management and order fulfillment in retail and e-commerce.

Unlimited Integrations & APIs

Enjoy effortless and seamless integration with marketplaces, shopping carts, shipment carriers and accounting systems. Orders, inventory and shipments are synchronized across your online network.

Paperless through Barcode Scanning

Eliminate paper; view and execute all your tasks through all devices; barcode scanners, smartphones and tablets.

No Initial Investment on Cloud

Enjoy continuous value with the most powerful Cloud Inventory Management Software. No initial investment with no risk.


About Logiwa WMS

"Easy-to-configure WMS, in-depth functionality, capable of responding to various industries, top notch in retail and e-commerce, very knowledgeable team of supply chain engineers."
John A. CaltagironeDirector of Supply Chain Center, Loyola University
"Focus on your business processes, Logiwa WMS handles the rest. The project was a good opportunity for us to redesign our inventory processes."
Isil ColbasiSmall Business Owner, Mirilya
"We are using Logiwa WMS for 5 years in multi-client and multi-warehouse environment. It is easy to use and there are a lot of built-in functions. I recommend it for all in 3PL fulfillment operations in online and retail."
Umur OzkalCeo, Arvato
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