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Amazon Buy Shipping

Originally published on November 22, 2023 by Logiwa Marketing, Updated on May 6, 2024

In this article, you’ll uncover the practicalities and advantages of Amazon’s Buy Shipping service, which offers discounted shipping labels and streamlines the order delivery process. From understanding its benefits to setting up preferences through Seller Central, using the Merchant Fulfillment API, and even buying labels when shipping from China, you’ll be armed with the knowledge to efficiently manage your shipping needs and improve your bottom line.

Key Takeaways:

  • Amazon Buy Shipping service allows businesses to buy shipping labels individually or in bulk, offering cost savings and efficiency. This feature can help protect against A-to-Z Guarantee Claims and prepare for Seller Fulfilled Prime.
  • Setting up Buy Shipping preferences through Seller Central lets you streamline the label purchase process, reducing time spent and optimizing your shipping procedures.
  • The Merchant Fulfillment API allows developers to build applications that let business owners purchase shipping labels via Buy Shipping, further integrating the process with existing systems.
  • Amazon Buy Shipping also accommodates orders fulfilled from China, allowing sellers to easily purchase and manage shipping labels for these orders.
  • Overall, Amazon Buy Shipping can be a significant asset for sellers of all sizes, reducing costs, saving time, and simplifying the logistics of fulfilling orders.

A Detailed Introduction to Amazon Buy Shipping

Being the largest online marketplace and one of the big five companies in the U.S information industry. has numerous services to make people’s life easier. For instance, the paid subscription program Amazon Prime gives you one or two-day delivery while Amazon Drive securely stores your data. With Amazon Kindle, you can read books from your phone or tablet, and with the Amazon virtual assistant Alexa you can listen to music, set your alarm, make a playlist, know about the weather, and so on. All these Amazon services are there and open to everyone. In addition to those, Amazon Buy Shipping is another very practical and beneficial feature of the American ecommerce giant. Buy Shipping allows companies to purchase shipping labels one by one or in bulk at discounted rates from big logistics firms such as UPS, FedEx, and USPS. Buying labels can either be done directly from these logistics companies or through Seller Central and Merchant Fulfillment API. Thanks to this service, sellers can ship and confirm orders as well as track order delivery status. Amazon Buy Shipping saves companies’ time and money right and guarantees the packages’ delivery routes in both scenarios. Let’s take deep dive into the issue to learn more about the topic.

What Do I Benefit from Amazon Buy Shipping?

Various shipping solutions, protected performance metrics, preparation for Seller Fulfilled Prime, time saver when buying Shipping. These are the main benefits of the Amazon Buy Shipping label service. According to your company size and operation circles, you have the chance to purchase the labels individually or in bulk. The Buy shipping in bulk feature can help you process labels faster by giving you the option to purchase up to 100 labels at once. It is, of course, more economical than the individual buying, and you need to state your Amazon Buy Shipping preferences for purchasing Shipping via Seller Central. This procedure saves you the time that it takes to buy each shipping label one by one. You will see how to set your preferences through Seller Central later in this post. Now, let’s move on to the advantages of Buy Shipping in bullet points:

  • Shipping Solution:

With the Amazon Buy Shipping service, you can select many logistics elements such as delivery promise, carrier preference, and shipment price. The system automatically suggests shipping services. For example, if the package goes to a European country, preferring FedEx will be logical than UPS which charges almost double for the same route.

  • Protected Performance Metrics:

When you purchase Amazon Buy Shipping and make all the arrangements on time, you are protected against A-to-Z Guarantee Claims. “A-to-Z Claims” is a guarantee that Amazon offers to its customers when they decide to buy directly from a shop. It covers the product being delivered on time and in good shape. For example, if you, as a customer, are not happy about the product arrived, you can contact the seller first and try to solve the problem. If it’s not solved within two days, you have the right to file a complaint about that seller. After this procedure, the seller needs 72 hours to respond; otherwise, you will be granted the claim and will withdraw the amount from the seller’s account. When you purchase Amazon Buy Shipping and send your orders timely, you will be free from all this negative customer feedback.

  • Preparation for Seller Fulfilled Prime:

Merchants on Amazon have to prepare special labels for Prime orders. The same is valid for Shipping labels as well. Sellers must use Buy Shipping for at least 98% of Seller Fulfilled Prime products. By doing so, you can transit to Seller Fulfilled Prime faster than usual. Seller Fulfilled Prime is the fulfillment program that lets you deliver Prime products directly from your store. By showing the Prime badge, you commit to fulfilling orders with One-Day Delivery at no additional charge for Prime customers.

  • Time Saver When Buying Shipping:

In addition to buying shipping labels one by one, you know that you can buy them in bulk for up to 100 orders at once. Also, you can use the Amazon Print Connect feature to purchase Shipping and send labels directly to your preferred printer with only one click. With all these services, you can save money and time simultaneously.

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How to Set Buy Shipping Preferences through Seller Central

Medium and big-size companies generally use Amazon Buy Shipping service to deal with complicated order fulfillment and shipment procedures. Buy Shipping from Amazon allows you to take a breath amid intense work hours and makes the logistics info of the packages crystal clear.

As now you know, you can set Buy Shipping preferences for purchasing Shipping via Seller Central. By entering preferences, you can reduce the time that it takes to purchase each shipping label. To set your preferences, you need to be on the Seller Central page first. On that page at the top right, there stands “Settings”. Select Settings and click Account Info. Then you will see Shipping and Returns information. Clicking on this will lead you to Buy Shipping preferences, and you can easily start to manage your priorities.

First, you should define ship-from locations. Right here, it would help if you were sure about entering the full address and time zones. What comes after ship-from locations is the carrier selection. Use these preferences to prioritize your available shipping methods in Buy Shipping. You can pick any of the shown carrier companies on the page and put them in the box. The other issue is the package size preference. If you generally send similar or same-sized packages, the system lets you create custom package types when you buy Shipping. It will save you time for sure since you will not have to enter the same size info again and again. The clue here is to give a name to that package type so that you can recall it later.

After setting your insurance preferences as well, you are done defining your priorities regarding proper package delivery. Amazon Buy Shipping gives you every detail you need on this way to help you satisfy your customers, ergo increase your sales figures.

Using the Merchant Fulfillment API

To explain what Amazon Buy Shipping API is, the term API needs to be nailed down. API is the abbreviation for application program interface and is a tool for developers to build software applications. Here on Amazon Buy shipping, developers can use the Merchant Fulfillment API to make apps that allow shop owners purchase sipping labels via Buy Shipping. However, please remember that you need to be an MWS developer to send a Merchant fulfillment request. With the Merchant fulfillment API, you have the chance to access Buy Shipping via Amazon Marketplace Web Services (Amazon MWS). Also, you can manage your delivery processes with a delivery integrator that has adopted the Merchant fulfillment API. On the condition that you use an integrator for the delivery issues, you can work with an existing delivery integrator. Actindo, apt e-business, Auction Studio, Billbee, Channel Advisor, Cludes, Coureon, Globalsys, JTL Software, Keystone Software, Linnworks, Logic Base, m2e, Mintsoft, SellerDynamics, ShipStation, SLU GmbH, StoreFeeder, Tradebyte, Pixi, Via Online, Volo Commerce, Xsellco and many more are among the alternatives of these integrators. Along with all these advantages, sellers can purchase delivery services directly through this API as well.

How Do I Buy Labels When Shipping from China?

If you are a seller on Amazon and have orders fulfilled from China, you can buy shipping labels for those orders via Seller Central or MWS API. To do so, you need to follow a few steps:

First, you need to go to Seller Central page and click on Settings. After selecting Account Info, you will see Buy Delivery Preferences under the Shipping and Returns Information section. If you’ve already added your China warehouse under Manage your dispatch-from location, then click Edit and start to arrange properly. At this point, using the Latin alphabet in the fields of city and State is the key, as the package should be legible for those not Chinese. After defining Buy Delivery Preferences, here comes the carrier selection. The availability of China Carriers in Buy Shipping will depend on the City and State. For State, do not forget to enter the province where your warehouse is located, and for the city, enter your city. The available carrier companies offered on Buy Shipping to fulfill orders from China are China Post and Yanwen Logistics. To learn more about the details, please check here.

Preferences for all dispatch-from locations > Package Types sections are for you to enter your standard package dimensions.

Streamlining Order Fulfillment with Amazon Buy Shipping

To put it in a nutshell, Amazon Buy Shipping gives you the chance to buy shipping labels individually or in bulk for up to 100 orders and save money and time simultaneously. It is quite easy to buy Shipping on Amazon thanks to its amazingly helpful features. Amazon Seller Central and Merchant Fulfillment API cover all the necessary information for sellers of all sizes who want to buy shipping labels for their orders. Suppose you are a seller on Amazon and want to reduce money spent on shipping labels and save time while fulfilling the procedure. In that case, you should do yourself a favor and use Amazon Buy Shipping services as soon as possible.

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What is amazon buy shipping?

Amazon’s Buy Shipping allows online sellers to buy shipping labels individually or in bulk, ship and confirm orders, and track order shipments.

What are the benefits of amazon buy shipping?

Buy Shipping ensures that your products are delivered using Amazon’s trusted network of shipping carriers. Buy Shipping also safeguards performance metrics by providing ship methods with a high likelihood of satisfying the buyer’s delivery promise.

How does amazon buy shipping work?

Buy shipping uses a ship method’s Transit Time (TT), the ship date, and the promised delivery date to guarantee fulfillment is completed on-time – that includes frequently refunding consumers for lost items without penalizing sellers.

How much does it cost to use amazon buy shipping?

Amazon sets shipping charges based on the product category and the shipping method selected by the buyer, and then credits what the buyer was charged to your account.

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