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Logiwa is a fast-growing, venture-backed software company headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. Founded in 2017, Logiwa is already the cloud fulfillment software leader, empowering high-volume direct-to-consumer businesses to run a fully digital warehouse and scale up high-volume fulfillment operations.

We are a team that’s small but mighty, we see a huge market opportunity and we’re scaling this mountain all the way to the summit! With offices in Chicago, Istanbul, and remote folks across the globe, we have employee footprints everywhere. Logiwa is a rocket headed straight for the moon and we are looking for people with a range of talents (get it? Range, like mountains!) to join our team as we climb to the top.

On top of our success-driven culture, we are passionate about our people. We believe that everyone brings something unique to the table. We celebrate new ideas and different perspectives. We provide a fun, inclusive, and collaborative environment with endless opportunities for growth and development. Whoever you are – rocket enthusiast, mountaineer, chess master, Netflix binger – come find your place with us here at Logiwa.

Company Values


We take our work seriously, especially when it comes to our team, our customers, and our investors. We’re all in this together, and we stand by what we do 100%. So that means being reliable, keeping our promises, and building trust. We’re dedicated to being the best we can be, which in turn means making sure everyone knows they can count on us.


Staying connected is key for us. We’re always ready to listen and respond, whether it’s a chat with our team, a call from a client, or a discussion with partners. Our door is always open for a good conversation. We make sure everyone feels heard and valued, because every conversation, big or small, is important to us.


Here at Logiwa, we’re all about team camaraderie and helping each other out. It’s not just about finding solutions together; it’s about growing and learning as a team. We believe in sharing what we know and cheering each other on to get better every day. When one of us shines, we all shine brighter. That’s how we keep coming up with cool, innovative stuff – together!

Open roles at Logiwa