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What is a WMS? Do you need one?

What is a WMS? It's the nerve center of your distribution and fulfillment operation.

Learn More About a WMS and If You Need One

What is a WMS? A warehouse management system (WMS) is the operating system for your warehouse. It's more than an inventory control system. A robust WMS will automate your warehousing operations as much as possible.

If you've been running your warehouse with an outdated system or an ad hoc collection of spreadsheets, a new comprehensive WMS will be a revelation. Because a WMS is such an integral part of the operation, it's not a quick-fix solution. It will play an essential role in the operational efficiency of your company, so take some time to learn about the best WMS solutions in the marketplace.

A leading WMS will increase inventory visibility, improve order fulfillment accuracy, support automated data collection and boost productivity across your operation.

The type of WMS that's best for your company varies by your current size and your growth plan. You'll want to choose a solution that can scale with your business as it grows so that you don't have to go through the process again within a short time frame. Logiwa is a cloud-based solution that scales as your locations and shipping volumes grow. Look for a WMS that will support different sales and shipping channels, and have the flexibility to accommodate new channels in the future.


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Your system should make it easy to add new devices like scanners and printers and accommodate new technology like RFID and Bluetooth tags. Look for a system that will easily connect with emerging technology like warehouse automation and robotics.

With Logiwa WMS, your shipping operations will experience a number of critical benefits, including

  • Improved inventory management efficiency, including enabling continuous inventory counting vs. periodically shutting down to take inventory.
  • Reduced picking and put-away errors
  • Automatic ordering and replenishment using real-time information.
  • Reduced paperwork (and administrative expenses)
  • Reduced product returns
  • Improved customer service with better warehouse control and improved pick and dispatch accuracy.
  • Improved traceability in both directions.
  • Effective labor planning

If you already have existing warehouse equipment and third-party software solution, you will want to make sure your new WMS is compatible. Some WMS providers charge development fees to build integrations between the WMS and your current systems. Logiwa offers integrations with more than 70 of the most popular services including online marketplaces, shipping solutions, accounting and ERP and other common applications. You won't have to invest in time and resources to create integrated data sharing links.

As a tactical execution system, a WMS will generate positive ROI in a short time frame. As a strategic business investment, a robust WMS can transform your shipping and fulfillment operations. The more pallet moves and pick per day, the higher the ROI. Improved efficiency can mean lower labor and equipment costs by doing more with less. We've seen shippers boost their volumes 2.5 times with the same equipment by using Logiwa.

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