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Supply Chain Optimization Blog

Practical tips to improve your supply chain operations.

Sell More With a Great Ecommerce Returns Policy

30% of online purchases are returned. In 2015, that was $107 billion dollars lost in returns. This issue is particularly pressing for retailers because the return experience is a pain point for many customers. As a result, a great return experience ... Read more →


Ruthie Bowles on

Avoid These 3 Online Marketplace Problems for Success!

E-commerce business is big. There are over one million sellers on Amazon who have at least one product listed. Selling on the many online marketplaces seems like a no-brainer. While selling on these marketplaces can position your business for ... Read more →


Ruthie Bowles on

Benefits of Warehouse and Inventory Management Software for E-Commerce

A traditional Warehouse Management Software (WMS) or Inventory Management Software (IMS) is a software application used to manage warehouse or distribution center operations. Read more →

eCommerce Warehouse Management Inventory Management

Erhan Musaoglu on

Optimize Your Warehouse Design

Want to improve your warehouse performance? Then your first step is to optimize your warehouse design and layout. Sounds great, doesn’t it? You already know your warehouse operations should be more efficient, but you can’t pinpoint the problem. Now ... Read more →

Warehouse Management

Merve Doruk on

Logiwa's Rapid Growth Parallels Ecommerce Logistics Explosion

CHICAGO, Dec. 18, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Logiwa, a warehouse and inventory management software company, recently announced strong business growth numbers which illustrate the need for innovative warehouse and inventory management solutions. At the ... Read more →

Press Releases

Erhan Musaoglu on

How an Amazon Merchant Can Upgrade From Tracking to Managing Inventory

We always say “Don’t let your business manage you”. But what exactly does that mean? Read more →

Inventory Management eCommerce

Cagdas Yildiz on

On-Premise vs. Cloud-Based Warehouse Management Software for Online Retailers

Cloud technology has integrated into our personal lives. We use apps like Google Drive, iCloud, and OneDrive for photos, videos, and documents. Keeping our personal data in the cloud offers a lot of conveniences. It also minimizes the risk you’ll ... Read more →

Warehouse Management Inventory Management eCommerce

Erhan Musaoglu on

Use a Warehouse Management System to Increase E-Commerce Growth

As you probably realize, e-commerce is a highly competitive space You have to focus on sales and marketing and their associated costs. If you don’t spend enough on sales and marketing, your competition outpaces you. You’ll have a hard time growing ... Read more →

Warehouse Management Inventory Management eCommerce

Erhan Musaoglu on

Logiwa Streamlines Cosmetics Inventory Management

Inventory management is one of the challenges in the cosmetics online retail business. Constantly changing market conditions and competitive environment is forcing cosmetics industry into a more responsive warehouse management model. Consumers have ... Read more →

Inventory Management Warehouse Management eCommerce

Erhan Musaoglu on

Boost Your Business with Logiwa WMS and SquareSpace Integration

We’re excited to announce that we are now fully integrated with Squarespace, SAAS-based content management system, which allows online business owners to create and maintain their websites, blogs, and online stores. Read more →


Erhan Musaoglu on

Streamline Your Inventory and Warehouse Management Processes

See why thousands of companies are using Logiwa as their WMS.

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