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Logiwa QuickTake Webinars

Small Investment in Time…Big Payback in Knowledge
Warehouse Best Practices from Industry Professionals

Welcome to the Logiwa QuickTake Hub, home to the QuickTake webinar series!

Our warehouse and supply chain experts condense key industry topics into 15-minute webcasts every other Friday to bring you the actionable insights you need to help your business achieve high-volume fulfillment excellence all year round.

Join Logiwa’s New QuickTake Webinar: “Demystifying Integration Ecosystems for Seamless DTC Operations”

You don’t need to be an IT professional to understand data flow. Most WMS software solutions have pre-built connectors to ensure integrations are as easy as possible. The key is defining which connections make the most sense for your system and  fulfillment operations!

Join the Logiwa team as we discuss the technology behind seamless DTC order management, including:

    • Inbound Connectivity to Improve Receiving
    • Outbound Connectivity to Streamline Shipping
    • Automation Connectivity to Support Workflows
Demystifying Integration Ecosystems for Seamless DTC Operations

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