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3PL Warehouse Management Software

Transform your 3PL warehouse into a new age fulfillment center.

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Maximize 3PL Value for Your Clients

Logiwa’s interface and integrations are incredibly flexible, allowing you to create custom solutions for your customers


All-in-One Dashboard

Our mobile applications, advanced algorithms, and consolidated reporting allow you to get a bird’s eye view of your customers’ inventory.


Tailored Customer Portals

Give each of your customers access to their own custom portal that puts them in control of their business information.


Custom Branding

Provide a seamless experience for your clients with our custom branding and allow Logiwa to fit your brand.


Customizable Billing

Save time and prevent headaches by providing customizable billing options for your clients.


Automate Fulfillment Processes

With multiple customers, automating the fulfillment process frees your employees up to handle the things that really need their attention.


Set Client Specific Rules

Easily configure your warehouse operations based on specific customer requests.

Multi-Client and Multi-Warehouse

Logiwa WMS enables 3PL companies to manage multiple operations in the same facility inharmony.

A 3PL company’s most indicative growth factor is launching new warehouses. Logiwa WMS helps manage all warehouses centrally with consolidated reporting. Our system provides integrated and standard services to a single client across multiple warehouses.


Explore Our Full 3PL Capabilities

Logiwa WMS enables 3PL companies to manage multiple operations in the same facility inharmony. At the same time, our software allows you to execute advanced fulfillment strategies like wave-planning, cluster picking and cross-docking.

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Automated Client Billing

The 3PL industry is highly competitive, and one of its main problems is the high fixed costs from logistics in-sourcing. By offering dynamic pricing to clients, you can efficiently cut in-sourcing costs for clients and draw them to your business.

Dynamic pricing should be based on different criteria for different industries, and that criteria should be priced at scale for different company sizes. Logiwa’s Warehouse Management System offers advanced and flexible billing functionality that is capable of managing all pricing aspects of client contracts including billing periods.

Ship More with Logiwa.
Over 2 Times More.

Logiwa customers have witnessed major improvements in picking, packing and shipping times.

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Choose the only 3PL solution you'll ever need for your warehouses.

See why hundreds of 3PLs use Logiwa as their WMS.

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