Cloud 3PL Warehouse Management System

Maximize 3PL Value for Your Clients

Experience the true 3PL Warehouse Management System with the right supply chain structure. Don’t just meet the expectations of your clients – go beyond.

Scan Barcode with any Device

Eliminate paper from your warehousing operations. Logiwa provides paperless warehousing through mobile applications on barcode scanner guns and smartphones.

Pick, Pack and Ship Faster

Execute picking, packing and shipment real-time and fast through mobile applications. Enjoy real-time batch picking and cluster picking options.

Multi-client and Multi-warehouse

Experience the true multi-client and multi-warehouse application. Provide your clients an on-demand warehousing service like Amazon style warehousing.

Client Portal

Add value to your clients’ business – profits to yours. Providing online information to your clients and making them feel secure is the ultimate way of customer satisfaction. Share realtime information such as inventory, order status and shipment details with your clients through client portal.

Billing & Contracts

Provide the right service, send the right invoice. Accurate billing to clients as a 3PL is the essential part of preserving profits and customer satisfaction. You can manage client contracts in full detail and create periodical billing reports automatically.

Integrations & Interfaces

Synchronize your clients’ inventory, orders and shipments with sales channels such as Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Magento, Walmart,, Sears and carriers such as Fedex, UPS, USPS, DHL or use our open APIs.

Multi-client and Multi-warehouse

Logiwa enables 3PL companies manage multiple operations in the same facility with maximum harmony but also with discrepancy.

Did you know the largest warehouse network of an Logiwa client includes 25 warehouses?

3PL companies’ most indicative growth factor is launching new warehouses. Logiwa helps managing all warehouses centrally, consolidated reporting, providing integrated and standard services to a single client across multiple warehouses.

Warehouse Management System - Processes
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Advanced Client Billing

3PL industry is very competitive already, however the biggest competitor is logistics insourcing that requires a large amount of fixed costs. Offering dynamic pricing to clients is the most important point to attract customers and convince them out of insourcing.

Did you know Logiwa processes 7M transactions monthly for billing purposes?

Dynamic pricing should be based on different criteria for different industries and the criteria should be scale priced for different scales of companies. Logiwa offers advanced and flexible billing functionality that is capable of managing all pricing aspects of client contracts including billing periods.


Business Reporting