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Logiwa is a high-powered cloud-based solution offering an attractive 3PL Central alternative.

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With the boom in e-commerce and volatility of the supply chain industry, companies are turning to 3PLs for help. Warehouse management for 3PLs is a complex task and warehouse management software can make the difference between success and failure. For many years, 3PL Central has been a leader in 3PL warehouse management software. But as they grow, 3PLs are looking for a 3PL Central alternative, a solution that will meet their needs as they grow.



By their nature, 3PLs handle different volumes for their customers. Sales for certain items diminish, or the customer has a new product launch and must be ready to push items through the fulfillment process. Perhaps some seasonal products sell big for a few months and then drop to zero until the next year. With Logiwa, your WMS can expand and contract, as needed to support your business volume.


Logiwa's focus on efficiency enables 3PL growth as well. We've seen 3PLs ship up to 2.5 more shipments using the same staff and resources because of improved efficiency. Costs won't rise as your clients grow. Lowiga supports the shift to an omnichannel fulfillment approach, where merchants provide full product availability through any channel – in store, home delivery and alternative site collections – at any time.


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Logiwa ensures accurate and real-time inventory management across all your sales channels and warehouses.

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With Logiwa, 3PL staff and customers benefit from real-time information for every order. You can see the item, location in the warehouse and shipment information. Your customers will love accurate, up-to-date tracking information that's available at their fingertips. They can see their inventory levels and track sales and fulfillment performance. The system will send automatic alerts for pre-set warehouse vents. Customers and staff can run standard and custom reports to support management decision-making. You won't' have to struggle with spreadsheets to get a picture of what's happening in your warehouse.



Running a warehouse and pleasing your customer's customers is an intricate ballet of moving parts, people and products. Whatever your clients are selling, you're picking, packing, and shipping it. But you're not handling just one type of product from one type of company. You have to handle it all.  As a cloud-based WMS solution, Logiwa provides a single source of data for all your operations. You can put away the spreadsheets tracking inventory by client. Everyone, including the client, can have access to real-time updates that eliminate many phone calls and emails caused by manual inventory management.

Logiwa offers the ability to connect to every aspect of your warehouses’ operations so you can implement advanced fulfillment strategies and ship more products faster than ever. We offer more than 70 integrations with top solutions, from online marketplaces to accounting to shipping services. Automating manual processes – backed by 100% inventory accuracy – allows you to ship more each day without adding staff or other resources.

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