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Best Amazon Inventory Management on Cloud

Integrate your warehouses to your sales channels with the most connected Amazon WMS.

Amazon WMS Features

Download Orders Automatically

Whenever there is a new order on Amazon, our Amazon order management software downloads it automatically and adds the order to your process queue for pick and pack.

Sync Real-Time Inventory Levels

Any change in the actual inventory quantities in your Amazon warehouse is synced back to your online Amazon stores and any other online platform that you have online sales channels.

Sync Shipment Data

Our Amazon stock control system automates the complete fulfillment process. Once the orders are packed and labels are printed, Logiwa syncs the shipment tracking information to Amazon.

Download Product Listings

Our multi channel inventory management for Amazon downloads your product listing information and matches if the SKU exists in the system. Any update on the product listings will be synced from Amazon to Logiwa.
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Amazon Warehouse Management And Stock Control


Logiwa’s Amazon warehouse inventory management system acts as a hub for all your sales channels by connecting your warehouse to all of your online stores and feeding them the real-time inventory levels for the right product.

Managing your inventory or your clients’ inventory as a 3PL in one central platform helps you avoid misselling and over-selling and provides a better analysis of your warehouse processes. Our multi channel inventory management system for Amazon centralizes the management of your multi sales channels and allows for more accurate inventory calculations.


Warehouse Management System (WMS) is a software application designed to execute and support distribution center and warehouse operations. It supports warehouse managers with their day to day warehouse operations, including planning, organizing, staffing, directing employees or the movement and storage of inventory into, within, and out of a warehouse.

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Logiwa ensures accurate and real-time inventory management across all your sales channels and warehouses. At the same time, Logiwa allows you to execute advanced fulfillment strategies like wave-planning, cluster picking and cross-docking.


Amazon Order Management Software Benefits by Logiwa

  • Don’t miss any order, see all of them in our “Order Processing” screen with their statuses

  • Create smart batches to group the orders for easy pick and pack

  • Don’t let wrong or missing products to be shipped to your customers

  • Save time by our smart picking algorithms and mobile scanning functionality

  • Find the best rate with our “Rate Shopping” functionality

  • Easily print labels and packing lists by our “Batch Printing” functionality

  • Route your orders automatically across your warehouses with our smart “Order Routing Algorithm

  • Manage your Amazon returns effectively


   Amazon Vendor Central Benefits By Logiwa

  • Download orders from Amazon(850)

  • Send acknowledgment info to Amazon for downloaded Orders(855)

  • Send shipment information to Amazon(856)

  • Produce SSCC18 standard LP labels

  • Print BOL(Bill of Lading) document

   Amazon Prime Order Benefits by Logiwa

  • Downloads Prime Orders with a "Prime Flag" that you can differentiate on the order operations screen
  • Directly print Amazon Prime labels from Logiwa
  • Select and print carriers and rates provided by Amazon

Don’t Fear Selling More On Amazon



If you are selling your products through Amazon, Logiwa Amazon warehouse and inventory management software helps you manage your warehouse and fulfill orders seamlessly. As a multi-channel online seller, managing your inventory and warehouse effectively means centralization of inventory, automation of warehouse operations and synchronization of your inventory across multiple online stores including Amazon.

Neither spreadsheets nor accounting software were designed to manage a warehouse and will only support your business growth to a certain point. You don’t want to stand in the way of your own success, right? Logiwa’s Amazon WMS is state-of-the-art warehouse management system for Amazon packed for “New Age” online fulfillment businesses like yours.

To optimize the allocation of inventory, your businesses needs to have good intelligence and data about purchasing and sales information. This way, you can plan and execute stock transfers across different locations and ensure that you’re making the most out of your inventory.

Learn About Our Full Warehouse Management Capabilities


Logiwa uses real-time data to help you get up to 100% inventory accuracy and 2.5x increased shipments.

At the same time, our software allows you to execute advanced fulfillment strategies like wave-planning and cross-docking.

Learn more by downloading our warehouse management whitepaper.


The Leading Supply Chain Management Software for “New Age” B2C/B2B Fulfillment Businesses


Transform your 3PL business into a new age fulfillment center.


3PL Software

Warehouse Management

Optimize your warehouse while increasing your bottom line.


Warehouse Management System

Inventory Management

Improve your inventory accuracy across your supply chain.


Inventory Management System

Amazon Inventory Management Software Benefits by Logiwa

  • Gain %100 control on your Amazon inventory across your supply chain with our safety stock and shortage notifications

  • Keep your inventory %100 accurate

  • Manage kit/bundle inventory, Logiwa Amazon inventory software calculates the bundle quantity based on components available and sync in real-time

  • Avoid out of stocks and make smart decisions with our advanced reports

  • Prepare and fulfill your Amazon FBA shipments. Logiwa captures Amazon FBA shipments from your seller central account and help you ship your products to Amazon FBA warehouses.
Logiwa is the most integrated WMS platform available in the market today. But don't listen to us, hear it from our customers.

John A. Caltagirone

Director of Supply Chain Center, Loyola University

"Easy-to-configure WMS, in-depth functionality, capable of responding to various industries, top notch in retail and e-commerce, very knowledgeable team of supply chain engineers.."


Umur Ozkal

CEO, Arvato Systems

"We are using Logiwa WMS for 5 years in multi-client and multi-warehouse environment. It is easy to use and there are a lot of built-in functions. I recommend it for all in 3PL fulfillment operations in online and retail."


Isil Colbasi

Small Business Owner, Mirilya

"Focus on your business processes, Logiwa WMS handles the rest. The project was a good opportunity for us to redesign our inventory processes."


Greg Moser, 

President, ShipCalm

"One of the absolute best support teams I've ever worked with. They can build or fix anything you need very easily."





3PLs rely on Logiwa to manage their entire supply chain. With Logiwa, 3PLs can manage multiple clients and warehouses. Customer portals, customized billing and more.

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Ecommerce brands rely on Logiwa to pick, pack and ship faster. Integrate multiple sales channels to manage inventory in real time. Automate your entire operations.

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Businesses who sell online and have brick and mortar stores use Logiwa. Organize and sequence orders into waves. Set rules for fulfillment for specific sales channels.

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Wholesalers and manufacturers use Logiwa to optimize their B2B, B2C and DTC  warehouses to ensure that orders are processed and shipped quickly.

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Turn your warehouse operations into a growth driver for your Amazon store!

Find out why businesses choose Logiwa for their warehouse management software.


What is Amazon WMS?

Amazon WMS is an essential software for running your amazon business in your warehouse. When you’re running an online store in your warehouse, manual methods like papers and spreadsheets don’t work. You need a WMS to profitably scale your business. 

How does the Amazon warehouse management systems work?

Amazon warehouse management system manages your entire inventory and fulfillment by automating all the processes such as order sync, inventory sync, order picking, packing, shipment label printing and tracking.

Why do I need an Amazon inventory management software?

Managing your online inventory effectively means making smart decisions and taking proper actions based on real-time data. By using Amazon inventory management software, you can take control of your entire data and processes.


What is Amazon Prime Order?

Seller Fulfilled Prime is the prime program that allows you to deliver directly to domestic Amazon Prime customers from your own warehouse. By displaying the Amazon Prime Badge, you are committing to fulfill orders with Two-Day Delivery at no additional charge for Amazon Prime customers. Amazon gives you access to the right transportation solutions to help you meet the high bar for the Prime customer experience.


What is Amazon Vendor Central?

Amazon Vendor Central is the web interface used by manufacturers and distributors.If you are selling thorough Vendor Central, that means you’re acting as a supplier to Amazon, selling your products in bulk to Amazon.