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Best 3rd Party Fulfillment Software

Logiwa delivers a robust Magaya alternative for enterprise WMS functions that drive shipping efficiency and visibility

Logiwa: Your Choice for Best 3rd Party Fulfillment Software

For online merchants, fulfillment management software is essential to growing your e-commerce business. Selecting the best third-party fulfillment software will help your business optimize warehouse efficiency, improve order and inventory accuracy, and ultimately increase profitability.


Intro to order fulfillment software

Your 3rd party order fulfillment software is provided by an independent vendor, not part of a larger package such as a module in an ERP. Order fulfillment software automates inventory management, picking, packing, shipping, and tracking processes. Fulfillment software is essential for online and brick-and-mortar merchants, whether they fulfill orders in-house or use a third-party logistics provider.


Fulfillment software should integrate with your current technology stack, such as e-commerce platforms, accounting and other tools to automate the fulfillment process. Integrated fulfillment software can offer real-time updates, tracking information, and inventory management to simplify the e-commerce shipping process.


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Logiwa ensures accurate and real-time inventory management across all your sales channels and warehouses.

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Cloud-based 3rd party fulfillment software like Logiwa provides real-time visibility into the fulfillment process with 100 percent inventory accuracy. As a cloud-based product, Logiwa can run on any computer with an internet connection and doesn't require a lengthy installation process.


The information can be accessed with desktop computers and mobile devices in the warehouse or at headquarters, so everyone is using the same up-to-date information.


E-Commerce Integration

E-commerce sellers find it easy to integrate with major e-commerce platforms to create a seamless order fulfillment process. The integrations automate order management and fulfillment, sharing information from one application to another. Automation reduces human errors from manual data entry, as well as picking, packing, and shipping.


With real-time data, you can to execute advanced fulfillment strategies like wave planning and cross-docking.



With a shared database, managers can manage inventory across multiple channels. You can strategically use inventory where it's needed most, offering faster shipping times and lower costs when possible. You can monitor stock levels and reorder more to keep pace with demand.


The intuitive dashboard delivers a bird’s eye view of your inventory levels. You’ll know what stock you have, and so will your customers. There's no more overselling due to inaccurate counts.


Logiwa syncs accurate data across the entire interface.  he inventory numbers you see on your dashboard are the same as what your employees see on their devices. Warehouse employees can carry Logiwa around in the palm of their hand.


Getting started with Logiwa is simple. It has integrations with all major e-commerce platforms and marketplaces so that you can sync with your store and import products and SKUs.


It streamlines and automates repetitive warehouses processes, improving turnaround times and increasing customer satisfaction. With Logiwa, you can optimize warehouse efficiency, improve order and inventory accuracy and boost your margins.


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