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How to manage more than 3,000% growth

Logiwa’s fulfillment solution positions 3PL for easy scalability

Case Study - Growth 3PL

Results from working with Logiwa:

7,000 to 37,000 sq ft
facility operations

1 to 40+
active customers

5 to 10,000+
orders per day

The Challenge

In just four years, a full service warehousing and fulfillment solutions company grew from a 7,000 sq ft facility operation, managing one customer and five packages a day, to a 37,000 sq ft facility managing more than 40 active customers and over 10,000 orders a day.

But growing multiple facilities, expanding into a multi-state fulfillment network, and taking on the rapid, high-volume order growth of their clients was no easy feat. Luckily, they found Logiwa and got the support they needed to live up to their motto—simple, scalable, and stress-free fulfillment. Here’s how Logiwa helped them do it

“Systems are a big part of our scalability and part of that is connecting our in-house ERP systems with Logiwa. With Logiwa we can pull information: perpetual inventory, shipping info., etc. in real time. It helps us see the real-time information for tracking customer orders and inventory. ”

The impact of Logiwa’s fulfillment management system

Growth on every level

The efficiencies gained through Logiwa’s warehouse automation technology, smart order management, and custom-built tools like their picking timer, helped the 3PL grow their brands’ orders from a couple hundred a day to thousands each day. Regardless of the client or products, this Logiwa customer has multiplied their throughput and achieved their goal of “same-day fulfillment.” This 3PL successfully migrated from a 7,000 sq ft to a 37,000 sq ft facility without any issues. They also seamlessly added a second warehouse location to extend the fulfillment reach of their clients.

Gained real-time visibility

This Logiwa customer now empowers their clients with real-time insights into their inventory levels, incoming orders, and order statuses through their Logiwa client portals. Access to Logiwa’s seamless integrations and built-in BI tools gives this 3PL and their clients a competitive edge. They can pull critical information and generate reports at any time, allowing them to find new ways to boost operational efficiency, forecast demand to maintain optimized inventory levels, and make informed business decisions for greater cost-savings. Their ability to maintain transparency with their clients has reinforced brand loyalty and built trust.

Streamlined order management and fulfillment

Logiwa’s open API and easy integrations enabled this customer to set up new clients fast. The ability to get new clients connected to their online store within 15-20 minutes has brought this 3PL new clients, many of which need to connect to Shopify and other major ecommerce platforms within 24-hours. From the moment an order is placed in this 3PL client’s online store, the Logiwa system automatically generates a new pick job to their queue and guides their pickers through the fulfillment process in a fraction of the time it once took—maximizing their operational efficiency and ensuring sustainable, long-term growth.

“We consistently choose Logiwa because of our partnership. We feel that they really understand our business. We’ve got a dedicated account manager and customer support team that truly understands our business and prioritizes us. Our future growth includes additional facilities. That will surely include moving again into another bigger facility and we know it’ll be easy to roll out with Logiwa. ”

—Chief Executive Officer

Logiwa empowers 3PLs with the technology to grow


Logiwa’s cloud native WMS fulfillment solution gives visibility and control over operational processes. Now the 3PL can track and manage incoming orders, inventory, and warehouse processes in real time. They can also give their clients access to crucial data, including online orders, inventory levels, order fulfillment statuses, and more.


Adding new clients, new products, and even new warehouses is straightforward with Logiwa. The 3PL also appreciates Logiwa’s ability to create and reuse workflow templates and automation rules for multiple clients, while still offering the ability to tweak them based on a brand’s specific needs. This allows them to support a variety of client relationships, configure workflows around different contract terms, and update operations as circumstances change without slowing down.

Order Management

This Logiwa customer could see the platform was built with 3PLs in mind. Logiwa’s integration technology provides access to ecommerce platforms, shipping carriers, ERPs and accounting solutions. This makes it easy to connect their clients to online stores, streamline order management, and keep fulfillment flowing without interruptions, no matter how many clients they take on.

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Growth focused 3PL Case Study

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