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Warehouse Management for Distributors & Wholesalers

Use Logiwa to streamline your supply chain and support both B2B and B2C warehouse operations.

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Create the Most Efficient Warehouse Possible

Get up to 100% inventory accuracy and double your shipments. Logiwa means higher productivity and higher profit margins

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EDI Support

Logiwa supports most EDI document types, helping you streamline your process.

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Pallet Scanning

Pallet scanning is enabled in every part of your operations, from receiving, picking, packing to shipping.

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Open API

Customize Logiwa to your exact needs with our Open API integration.

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Simple Order Entry

Enter orders from any device with our desktop and mobile applications.

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Accounting Integrations

Integrate Logiwa with your accounting software in just a few clicks.

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CRM Integrations

Integrate Logiwa with your CRM in just a few clicks.

Reduce Warehousing Costs through the WMS of the Future

Achieve resource efficiency and better utilize warehouse space by using Logiwa WMS. We target to realize the ultimate purpose of warehouse management systems – efficiency, productivity, savings.

Logiwa does not only maximize efficiency, but also increases inventory turns and provides detailed performance reporting, resulting in increased productivity. Directed, optimized warehouse activities reduce picking time and handling by allowing you to seize various options such as cross-docking and flow-through. It also optimizes travel paths with smart putaway, optimizes picking execution with pre-configured algorithms, and intelligently directs put-away to the appropriate bins based on product specifics.


Turn your warehouse operations into a growth driver for your business.

See why thousands of companies are using Logiwa as their WMS.

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Learn About Our Full Warehouse Management Capabilities

Logiwa uses real-time data to help you get up to 100% inventory accuracy and 2.5x increased shipments.

At the same time, our software allows you to execute advanced fulfillment strategies like wave-planning and cross-docking.

Learn more by downloading our warehouse management whitepaper.

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