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Warehouse Management for Ecommerce

Ecommerce retailers get up to 100% inventory accuracy and double their shipments thanks to increased efficiency. Sell more and save time with Logiwa's new age B2C order fulfillment software.

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Complete Visibility Across Your Sales Channels

In ecommerce, consumers don't just care about your products, but about the entire buying experience. Logiwa provides a seamless and delightful experience for your customers.

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Connect Your Sales Channels

Sell more by seamlessly integrating all your sales channels in a few clicks.

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Run Your Business From Anywhere

Access your information on any device with our desktop and mobile applications.

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Accurate & Centralized Inventory

Stay on top of your inventory and avoid overselling with real-time inventory sharing.

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Save Time with Automation

Spend less time on manual processes by setting up custom configurations specific to your workflow.

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Same or Next Day Delivery

Ship faster and cheaper with our carrier integrations and rate shopping features.

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Reduce Human Errors

Our system supports barcode scanning with industrial scanners or mobile devices.

Don’t Fear Selling More, Simply Add More Sales Channels

Our inventory management software increases your sales by harmonizing all sales channels within the same supply chain and allowing you scale your supply chain.

Overselling is a major concern for every warehouse manager. Thanks to our marketplace and shopping cart integration, our software shares inventory and synchronizes orders across different sales channels. This means you can effortlessly sell your inventory on multiple sales channels, without worrying about overselling or missing potential sales opportunities.


Explore Our Full Product Capabilities

Logiwa ensures accurate and real-time inventory management across all your sales channels and warehouses. At the same time, our software allows you to execute advanced fulfillment strategies like wave-planning, cluster picking and cross-docking.

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Better Margins with “New Age” Warehouse Management Software

By improving warehouse costs, our inventory management software provides better margins to support your growth and allow you scale up your business.

Logiwa ‘s order fulfillment functionality is designed to improve retail and e-commerce operations. We provide smart process designs with cutting-edge technology to make it seamless. Our automated integration to marketplaces, shopping carts and carriers helps you to manage order management, fulfillment and shipment processes with fewer resources.

Ready to scale up your ecommerce operations?

See why hundreds of ecommerce retailers are using Logiwa as their IMS.

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Learn How Logiwa Helps Ecommerce Businesses Sell More

Logiwa ensures accurate and real-time inventory management across all your sales channels and warehouses. Our new age B2C fulfillment software provides detailed reporting so that you can:

  • Predict reoccurring spikes in customer demand
  • Avoid out-of-stock situations
  • Avoid overstock situations
  • ... and much more.

Learn more about our full capabilities for ecommerce by downloading our whitepaper.

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