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Simplify Your Warehouse Data
for More Power Over Your Business

Use Logiwa to take back control of your warehouse’s complex and rapid workflows.

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Manage and Sync Your
Sales Channels in One Place

Don’t waste time messing with multiple accounts. Use our 70+ integrations to take care of your business right inside of Logiwa.

Integrates with Marketplaces, Shopping Carts, and Shipping Carriers

Build your customer experience from the ground up, using your favorite sales channels and ecommerce and shipment options.

Synchronize Order and Fulfillment Across All Channels

You shouldn’t have to juggle your orders, warehouse, and shipments. Let us keep it simple so you can keep it on track.

Ensure Accurate and Real-Time Inventory Management

Inventory is your business’ lifeblood. Know what it looks like anywhere at any time.

Make Your Warehouse Work for You

Don’t pay for poor warehouse management. Your warehouse is an investment waiting to be turned into an asset.

Optimize Fulfillment

Provide the best experience from order placement to delivery.

Manage Purchase Orders

Gain higher visibility over spending by managing purchase orders better.

Easy Mobile Scan

Accurate inventory is in the palm of your hand with our mobile apps.


Logiwa makes invoicing and billing a snap by integrating with QuickBooks and Xero.

More Warehouses with More Customers? No Problem.

Affordably scale your 3PL services. Use Logiwa to manage one customer warehouse or 25+ warehouses. We’re here to support your growth.

Dynamic Pricing

Offer pricing that fits your customers and their needs.

Flexible Billing

Every business is different. Show your customers you understand with flexible billing options.

Customer Portals

Give your customer control over their information with a custom portal where they can see their inventory at work.

Streamline Your Inventory and Warehouse Management Processes

See why thousands of companies are using Logiwa as their WMS.

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