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Integrated Warehouse Systems: The Basics

Integrated warehouse systems improve efficiency and make customers happy.

Many warehouses are managed using a variety of tools, from legacy systems to spreadsheets and paper lists. The lack of integrated warehouse systems means there's no comprehensive picture of warehouse inventory and fulfillment operations. 

An integrated warehouse system will help reduce inventory costs while also boosting delivery metrics. For example, some inventory management systems will track goods by quantity but not by location in the warehouse. While you may know if you have product in stock, putting away incoming products or pulling products for shipping is time-consuming and costly. 

You need a comprehensive, integrated warehouse system that will help reduce inventory and logistics costs to optimize your warehouse assets and resources. At the same time, those improvements will help boost customer satisfaction through faster shipping and better accuracy.

There are several options for integrated warehouse systems in the market today. Many of the top ERP systems offer warehouse management modules that are tightly integrated with the rest of the suite. However, these modules may not provide the flexibility and scalability that your operation requires to grow and respond to customer demands. If you already have an ERP and understand the limitations of the warehouse management module, this could be a good option. Keep in mind that customization or integration with other tools will likely require a lengthy IT development process.


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The other top option is a specialized cloud-based system specially designed for warehouse management. These systems are typically more flexible and scalable, and technologically advanced. Managers can access the system from any desktop or mobile device to monitor and plan operations, as well as create reports and other tools. You don't need to buy specialized hardware or undergo a lengthy development process. Integrated systems like Logiwa have built-in integrations with many of the top tools in the market so that won't be an issue. 

Integrated warehouse systems combine inventory management, warehouse management, and shipping and fulfillment functions in a single tool. The entire system uses the same information that can be updated in real-time to provide a high level of visibility and coordination. There's no more switching between systems or transferring data to manage operations.

With an integrated system, you can implement industry best practices such as wave picking, cross-docking and value-added services such as product assembly, labeling, packing or kitting within your warehouse operations.

Look for a system that integrates end-to-end logistics and fulfillment operations across the entire network. This level of visibility will allow you to anticipate supply chain disruptions and implement proactive and timely responses to maintain customer satisfaction. An integrated view supports the ability to monitor customer satisfaction metrics, tracking feedback such as on-time shipments with product returns and lifetime order values. 

Integrated warehouse systems will help lower overall operating costs by providing a clear picture of inventory status and throughput. You can adjust manufacturing and ordering accordingly with a more accurate inventory picture, reducing the overall cost of the supply chain.

Your logistics operation can be leaner and more reliable with inventory management systems matched to the volume and complexity of your operating environment. 

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