Create Listings With Ease Through ChannelAdvisor in Logiwa

Today, ecommerce merchants sell their inventory across multiple sales channels. It can be a challenge to create and manage all your listings in these various marketplaces, and cost you a lot of time as well. At Logiwa, our biggest concern is always how to improve our product for our customers. We are excited to announce that we have a solution to this complicated problem: introducing our new, built-in integration with ChannelAdvisor!

Many retailers currently use ChannelAdvisor to create listings on marketplaces such as Amazon, Ebay, and Wayfair. ChannelAdvisor offers great sales, marketing and pricing solutions to multi-channel merchants. With our new ChannelAdvisor integration, Logiwa WMS can create listings automatically on various marketplaces; all you will need is a ChannelAdvisor account. Plus, our system will synchronize your listings on Logiwa and marketplaces in real-time.

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