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Dematic Warehouse Robotics Solution Next-level automation with robotics and people

Incorporate robotics into your warehouse for improved safety and efficiency

Dematic Warehouse Robotics Solution Features

Fully Automated Picking

Save your team’s time by letting machines do all the picking for certain tasks

Inventory Accuracy

Eliminate human error and keep your inventory accurate with automated counts between Dematic and Logiwa

Smart robotics management

Tailor your use of robotics alongside your warehouse teams to leverage the strengths and abilities in each picking process

Smart Labor Management 

Use your warehouse team for more complex operations and critical thinking

Optimize Your Warehouse Processes with Robotics

Automation helps to drastically increase productivity and efficiency throughout supply chain operations. As a result, automation technology also gives 3PLs and warehouses a competitive edge. With ecommerce demands increasing for virtually every industry, each and every day more warehouses turn to robotics and automation to aid their fulfillment processes. The one-of-a-kind harmony between technology and expertise created byLogiwa’s Dematic Robotics Integration enables storage and fulfillment operation optimization for each step of your workflow, including both inbound and outbound operations.

By merging Logiwa’s dynamic task engine with Dematic’s automation softwareyour warehouse operations can benefit from a completely autonomous robotic system that will directly reduce space requirements, operational costs, process durations, and human error rates while drastically increasing productivity, operational accuracy, material and process optimization, and profitability.

Dematic Warehouse Robotics Solution Benefits With Logiwa

    • Never miss an order with real-time access to the current status of every order, from every sales channel, in a centralized “Order Processing” screen
    • Keep your stock availability 100% accurate across your Dematic inventory with automated count processes
    • Avoid inventory discrepancies by allocating orders only after the receiving is verified by Dematics
    • Merge robotics and human resources to customize picking processes and delegate human labor to areas that need human judgement and decision making
    • Speed up fulfillment and shipping with a professional team of warehouse professionals and robotics following the fastest pick-and-pack operations

Logiwa makes a fast impact on your business


increase in warehouse labor efficiency


more orders shipped after first three months on Logiwa


lower shipping costs with Logiwa rate shopping

Logiwa IO Fulfillment Management System (FMS)

Our Dematic warehouse robotics solution is part of the Logiwa Cloud Fulfillment Platform built specifically for high-volume B2C and DTC businesses

The Logiwa Cloud Fulfillment Platform is a fully integrated WMS and order fulfillment system that empowers companies to run a fulfillment experience and grow your direct-to-consumer business – without additional headcount.

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Built specifically for companies like yours

Online Sellers

Sell your products across multiple online stores and marketplaces and scale fulfillment operations with ease.

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Make fulfillment excellence a differentiator for customers that want to pick up orders from your stores or have them delivered to their home.

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Impress your clients with full visibility into every order and scale up direct-to-consumer fulfillment operations.

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Distributors & Wholesalers

Accelerate your hybrid-fulfillment transformation with cloud software that supports both B2B and DTC clients.

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