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Stamp Shipping Services + Cloud WMS

Logiwa’s Cloud Fulfillment Platform works effectively with Stamps to streamline your shipping operations.

Stamps Shipping Services Features

Pre-connected with Stamps

Instantly connect Logiwa to your Stamps and other shipping carrier accounts in just a few clicks.

Automated Label Printing

Pre-print every packing slip, return form, and carrier label for every box you ship. Use automated label rules, batch label printing, and print-on-demand packing stations to go even faster.

Built-in Rate Shopping

Reduce shipping costs with automated rate shopping and shipping rules that optimize for the best shipment method and price for each order.

Order and Shipment Tracking

Get real-time visibility into shipments and orders with online reports that are easy to customize and can be run from anywhere.

All-in-one Warehouse, Inventory, and Shipping Services with Stamps

If you ship products directly to consumers, you know how important it is to get every order packed correctly, shipped for the lowest cost, and delivered to customers on time. Getting an order wrong or missing an expected delivery date will sink your reputation and cut into your profits.

That’s why we built Logiwa – to help brands, online sellers and 3PLs achieve high-volume fulfillment success. Logiwa’s Cloud Fulfillment Platform lets you run a fully digital warehouse, sell with confidence across multiple channels, and connect seamlessly with shipping carriers for an as-promised delivery every time.

Logiwa’s is widely integrated with ShipIT Services, which gives the companies fast, efficient and fairly priced shipping options . It is easy to connect with Stamps shipping in just a few clicks. Our rate shopping algorithms ensure you get the lowest cost for the promised delivery window. Our packing stations make your teams more efficient with batch printing of shipping labels, packing lists, and return forms. And you get a real-time view of every shipment from the time it leaves your warehouse until it is delivered to the customer’s door. Simply put, Logiwa is the best choice for businesses looking for Shipping Services with your inventory or warehouse management software.

Stamps Shipping Services Benefits with Logiwa:

  • Find the best rate with our automated “Rate Shopping” algorithms
  • Lower costs and speed up shipping with auto-printed labels, packing lists and return labels included in our “Batch Printing” functionality
  • Print shipping labels with negotiated shipping rates
  • Ship domestically and internationally with Stamps
  • Automate packing with direct print
  • Accelerate international shipments with auto-printed customs declaration forms
  • Get real-time visibility into every shipment with auto-updated tracking numbers and shipping information right inside Logiwa
  • Easily handle 3rd party billing for domestic and international shipping, and even bill your shipping charges to a third-party’s account number
  • Purchase shipping insurance to protect your packages
  • Include any confirmation type that you need
  • Tracking number and shipping information is updated automatically in Logiwa and pushed back to the originated sales channel
  • Create batch labels with our easy-to-use screens and automation rules
  • Automate weight and dimension rules for your shipping boxes and let Logiwa recommend the best shipping box for each order
  • Get the cheapest rate for each package with automated carrier rate shopping 
  • Keep customers informed with automated customer notification emails triggered when the shipping label is printed
  • Let customers schedule a pickup at your store or fulfillment center
  • Create multiple different carrier accounts and manage them all in one place
  • Create your clients’ carrier accounts and track shipments and costs for each client with online reports
  • Verify and correct delivery addresses to make sure the package goes to correct destination
  • Use shipment reports to build data-driven strategies
  • Auto sync tracking information to your store and online stores

Additional Benefits with Logiwa’s All-in-one Fulfillment Success Solutions

  • Run a fully digital warehouse with real-time visibility across every order, product, and inventory level.
  • Connect seamlessly with ecommerce and marketplace platforms and prevent over-sold situations with real-time stock availability across all your online sales channels
  • Route your orders automatically across your locations with our smart Order Routing Algorithm
  • Speed up fulfillment and shipping with smart batches that group orders for the fastest pick-and-pack operations
  • Save even more time with smart picking algorithms and mobile scanning functionality
  • Avoid mistakes with automated validation rules that prevent orders being shipped with the wrong or missing products
  • Manage kits/bundles with ease – Logiwa calculates the bundle quantity based on components available and syncs availability in real-time
  • Gain 100% control across your supply chain with safety stock and shortage notifications

Avoid out of stocks and make smart re-order decisions with our advanced reports

    Logiwa makes a fast impact on your business


    increase in warehouse labor efficiency


    more orders shipped after first three months on Logiwa


    lower shipping costs with Logiwa rate shopping

    Logiwa IO Fulfillment Management System (FMS)

    Our Stamps Shipping Services is part of the Logiwa Cloud Fulfillment Platform built specifically for high-volume B2C and DTC businesses

    The Logiwa Cloud Fulfillment Platform is a fully integrated WMS and order fulfillment system that empowers companies to run a fulfillment experience and grow your direct-to-consumer business – without additional headcount.

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    Impress your clients with full visibility into every order and scale up direct-to-consumer fulfillment operations.

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