Inventory Management Questions & Answers – Online Retailers

Inventory Management Questions & Answers – Online Retailers

What is the best inventory management system for online retailers?

Online retail is a very fast moving business. Many online retailers tend to focus on selling their products, launching marketing campaigns. So the warehouse management and the inventory management side of things which is the unsexy part should flow seamlessly with no intensive care. That’s why the selected warehouse management system should have advanced integration and communication capabilities. It should have built-in integration with marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay etc, shopping carts such as Shopify, Magento etc. and shipment carriers such as USPS, UPS, FedEx etc. The inventory system had better offer a portal for vendors to allow vendor managed inventory. This is going to simplify the inbound flow in your warehouse. You can take a look at Logiwa WMS to see all these configured based on your needs.

Why is the Logiwa WMS best for e-fulfillment?

When designing the e-fulfillment process of Logiwa WMS, we focused on scalability. Generally, the growth comes with increasing number of orders and SKUs. When you achieve drastic growth, you shouldn’t change the way you fulfill orders. This also applies to the case when you select an inventory software that will help you fulfill orders. The fulfillment software should be scalable and should be able to handle a large number of SKUs and orders. Inventory management systems are very successful at order fulfillment considering the fact that the inventory data connection is a must. In Logiwa, we help retailers design the most efficient fulfillment process and the inventory software is scalable allowing retailers to fulfill very small to very large number of orders.

Why Logiwa WMS is the best inventory software if I am selling both B2B & Online?

If you’re selling both B2B and online, there are a few crucial points that Logiwa WMS covers. Wholesalers effectively manage shipping larger packages to B2B customers in boxes or pallets from their warehouses. Whereas when they sell online, retailers ship pieces to consumers. Logiwa WMS supports multi pack type hierarchy in the warehouse which means you can ship pallets, boxes or pieces in the same warehouse without any confusion.

B2B and online may/may not go through the same picking process. For B2B orders, since they are larger quantity orders, you can apply order based picking. Whereas for online orders, since they require only 1–2 SKUs per order, you can apply cluster picking or batch picking. All these are aiming to make your warehousing processes more efficient and do the job with fewer employees. So your inventory software should be able to handle different picking strategies such as order-based, cluster picking, wave picking and batch picking concurrently in your warehouse.

The last thing would be multi–channel approach. With the Logiwa WMS, you do not need to reserve inventory for different channels (B2B, Shopify or Amazon). You can share inventory across all sales channels real-time. If you don’t do that, e.g. you will miss online sales opportunities when you are out-of-stock for online orders whereas you still have inventory for B2B.

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