All-In-One Warehouse and Inventory Management Software

Scan Barcode with any Device

Eliminate paper from your warehousing operations. Logiwa WMS provides paperless warehouse management through mobile applications on barcode scanner guns and smartphones.

Pick, Pack and Ship Faster

Execute picking, packing and shipment real-time and fast through mobile applications. Enjoy real-time batch picking and cluster picking options.

Achieve Inventory Accuracy

Deliver the best customer commitment and sell more through inventory accuracy. Logiwa helps you avoid overselling and miss-selling on sales channels by pushing inventory online. Achieve 100% accuracy via barcode scanning and mobile transactions.

Share Inventory accross Multi-channel

Share your inventory across all sales channels. We avoid overselling and missing sales opportunities. You can push all available inventory without reserving for a certain sales channel.

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Free Process Consultation

In order to achieve a smooth daily workflow, the warehouse layout should be designed properly. Otherwise, there will be workers, forklifts and inventory moving up and down in your warehouse.

  • Inbound staging area
  • Outbound shipment area
  • Back-to-back racks
  • Free areas
  • Value added services(Kitting, labeling, printing etc.)
  • Packing desks
  • Damaged product area
Logiwa Sample Warehouse Layout

Easy Onboarding

You fill in our questionnaire and data template, we setup & configure your Online Inventory Management System in hours.

  • User & role configuration
  • Warehouse setup
  • Product/Item setup
  • Location/Bin setup
  • Label design
  • Alerts
Inventory Management Software - Easy Onboarding

EDI Interfaces & Integrations

Logiwa WMS connects all the parties and offers seamless supply chain management.

  • Shopping cart integrations ( Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce etc.)
  • Marketplace integrations (Amazon, eBay, Walmart,,, Groupon, Sears etc.)
  • Carrier integrations (Fedex, UPS, USPS, DHL etc.)
  • Accounting system integrations( QuickBooks, Xero etc.)
  • Open Restful APIs


Inventory Management System - Marketplace Integrations

Inbound – Receiving

With Logiwa Online Inventory Management Software , you can start receiving your products immediately after the setup process, by using industrial barcode scanners, smart phones, tablet or PCs.

  • Purchase order management
  • Mobile receiving via barcode scanning
  • Directed putaway
  • Expected vs actual reports
  • Loose and pallet receiving
Warehouse Management Software - Inbound Receiving

Order Management

We offer best inventory software features that allow effortless synchronization of your online inventory and orders across sales channels.

  • Online inventory management through shopping carts and marketplaces
  • Order synchronization through shopping carts and marketplaces
  • Online Inventory sharing through sales channels
  • Drop Shipping
  • Pending and cancelled order management
  • Manual order entry
Inventory Management Software - Order Management

Automated Order Picking

Your pickers enjoy easy and automated -no mistake- picking process flows with Logiwa Inventory Software.

  • Paperless picking via barcode scanning
  • Picker performance tracking
  • Single item order picking
  • Batch picking and sorting
  • Real-time Cluster picking
  • Dynamic picking locations & algorithms
  • Pick phase replenishment
  • Shortage management
Warehouse Management Software - Order Picking

Order Packing and Shipment

Enjoy our Warehouse Management Software’s automated packing and shipment functionality.

  • Integrate with parcel carriers
  • Shipment box type suggestion
  • Print packing slips and shipment labels
  • Capture shipment tracking number
  • Package dimensions
  • Rate shopping
  • Capture insurance option and value
  • Capture signature confirmation option
Inventory Management System - Order Packing

Dashboard & Reports

Our Inventory Management Software provides best online inventory reports to analyze your e-commerce and retail business.

  • Ready dashboard & KPIs
  • Custom report generation
  • Online inventory management reports
  • Order progress reports
  • Shipment progress reports
  • Available to promise reports
  • Performance reports
  • Tracking reports
Logiwa WMS - Warehouse Management System- Retail and Ecommerce Dashbord

Counting & Inventory Management

Count online inventory by performing a stock-take on an item or a location. Logiwa Inventory Software makes a comparison of the inventory you scan and what the system shows. It generates discrepancy reports with differences and applies corrections.

  • Count by scanning barcode
  • Cycle counting
  • Instant counting
  • Discrepancy reports
  • Online Inventory update
  • Counting log
  • Count plans and revisions
Inventory Management Software - Cycle Counting

Returns by Customer

Handling returns effectively is the process that satisfies the business within reverse logistics. E-commerce and retail businesses lose significant capital because of returns. Minimize your loss caused by returns. Logiwa helps you quality check your returns, split them into different status and identify the items that are resalable.

  • Return by barcode scanning
  • Order and product verification
  • Serial number verification
  • Image verification
  • Return to vendor
  • Return to available inventory
  • Return to damage
Warehouse Management Software - Returns by customer

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3PL Warehouse Features

Billing & Contract Management

Accurate billing to clients as a 3PL is the essential part of preserving profits and customer satisfaction. With our 3pl Warehouse Management Software can define client and warehouse based contracts and create billing reports based on user-defined periods. You can also push the billing reports to your accounting system automatically.

  • Account management charges
  • Storage charges
  • Inbound charges
  • Outbound charges
  • Shipment charges
  • Return handling charges
  • Labelling, kitting etc. charges
  • Counting and inventory charges
  • Other manual charges
3PL Warehouse Management System- Client Billing

Client Portal & Reporting

With our 3pl Warehouse Management Software provide online information to your clients and making them feel secure is the ultimate way of customer satisfaction. They are granted with related authorization and are able to see only their own data.

  • Customize new reports
  • Online inventory reports
  • Order progress and status,
  • Order fulfillment details
  • Shipment status and details
3PL Warehouse Management Software - Client Portal



Furniture & Household

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Fashion & Apparel

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Consumer Goods

Scale up your warehouse for CPG e-commerce


Food & Grocery

See how we provide full traceability in food e-commerce


Electronics & Appliances

See how we support warranty by tracking serial numbers

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