Inventory Management System that fits your retail operations.

Expand your brick-n-mortar operation or go online.

Scan Barcode with any Device

Eliminate paper from your warehousing operations. Logiwa WMS provides paperless warehouse management through mobile applications on barcode scanner guns and smartphones.

Pick, Pack and Ship Faster

Execute picking, packing and shipment real-time and fast through mobile applications. Enjoy real-time batch picking and cluster picking options.

Omnichannel Retailing

Transform your business into omnichannel. Logiwa helps you provide the best and unique customer service across multi channels. It enables all resources to serve a single goal – customer satisfaction.

Manage Returns Effectively

Minimize your loss caused by returns. Logiwa helps you quality check your returns, split them into different status and identify the items that are resalable.

Store Distribution

Simply define allocation rules based on store classification. Allocating the products to the retail stores is essential yet easy. You can cross-dock products directly to stores with/without opening boxes – more efficient than ever.

Share Inventory accross Multi-channel

Share your inventory across all sales channels. We avoid overselling and missing sales opportunities. You can push all available inventory without reserving for a certain sales channel.

Simply Handles Any Retail Warehouse

Run Logiwa to handle any retail warehouse. Our software provides smart and innovative ways to handle and synchronize different order and pack types to make order fulfillment more efficient. You can simply harmonize e-commerce order fulfillment and store replenishment in the same warehouse – with no hassles.


Did you know Logiwa replenishes 5,000 stores daily?


Inventory Management System - Retail
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Don’t Fear Selling more, Be Truly Omnichannel

Our inventory management system increases your revenue by harmonizing all channels within the same supply chain and allowing you scale your supply chain.


Did you know Logiwa ships in a range of 50 items to 800,000 items daily?


Logiwa helps you provide the best and unique customer service across sales channels. It enables all resources to serve a single goal – customer satisfaction.

Cycle time is the new KPI of retail and e-commerce. It represents the frequency of order shipment. The lower the cycle time, the faster the fulfillment operation is. We reduce your cycle time with our smart logistics solutions.

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