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Logistics management is the lifeblood of your business. But keeping up with increasing customer demands for fast shipping and inventory transparency while managing costs require connecting with technology solutions to optimize your warehouse’s complex and rapid workflows.

What happens in your warehouse is tied directly to customer satisfaction. A survey from Deloitte found that 61% of holiday shoppers said they would buy items that qualify for free shipping. And 88% valued free shipping over fast shipping times. So efficiently managing the flood of e-commerce orders has never been more critical.

To meet customer demands, shippers are investing in technology and resources to upgrade their logistics management capabilities. For example, in the 2019 Third Party Logistics Study, 56% of the shippers had invested in warehouse management systems, 34% invested in supply chain visibility, and 24% had invested in supplemental warehouse management system capabilities such as labor management and analytics.


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How can you turn your logistics management function into a competitive advantage? Here's a look at three key priorities that will transform your company.



For a fully connected supply chain optimized for e-commerce and last-mile delivery, inventory visibility is a basic requirement to create logistics competitive advantage. Inventory must be visible on any platform regardless of the channel such as retail, e-commerce, or returns. Logiwa's inventory management software connects your sales channels to your inventory regardless of location. With real-time inventory, you can avoid over-stock and stock-out situations. Use a WMS that includes features like asset tracking, lot control, barcoding and kitting meet your requirements. You can spend less time on manual processes by setting up custom configurations specific to your workflow, so the data stays up to date automatically.



Your customers may want to buy online, in the store, or order online and pick up in the store. Your logistics management should support an omnichannel inventory and warehouse approach so that your customers can seamlessly access your products. Using the visibility from your inventory management software your customers can see on mobile or desktop devices whether the product is available at a nearby store or if they need to order it. The omnichannel mindset removes silos between retail and e-commerce logistics, reducing inventory costs and improving the customer experience. With Logiwa you can synchronize orders and fulfillment across all channels.



Look for a logistics management solution that integrates with your existing marketplaces, e-commerce, shipping, and accounting platforms. Logiwa integrates with over 70 popular providers so the dashboard can reflect the current state of your business. These integrations automate and streamline your operations for improved accuracy and timeliness. You can manage invoicing and billing with the accounting integrations and provide the best customer experience from order placement to delivery. Managing purchase orders through the system will help bring discipline to your operation.

With cloud-based services that deliver visibility, omnichannel strategy, and data integration, you can turn your logistics management platform into a competitive advantage.

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