Disrupting the Retail Supply Chain

Groupon Logiwa WMS

Logiwa is Integrated Seamlessly with Groupon

Logiwa is fully integrated with Groupon. When an order is processed on Groupon, Logiwa automatically updates the inventory and shipment data in the system. Thanks to our inventory management integration, sellers can easily know the status of their orders and … Continue Reading

Iot Inventory Management

How IoT Will Effect Inventory Management

The effect of internet of things on inventory management is the next huge thing in progress. In any typical business, the process of ordering, storing, tracking and managing goods is a day-to-day requirement. As with all high investment top-tier businesses, … Continue Reading

Inventory Management System

5 reasons why you need Inventory Management Software for your online retail business

It is more important than ever as an online retailer to manage logistics to account for sudden influxes of orders. Managing your inventory can take a lot of calculation, endless spreadsheets, and missing or misplaced inventory.  An inventory management system … Continue Reading


How Inventory Management Contributes to Online Sales

  Nowadays, online retail is king. It’s more important than ever to manage your inventory for e-commerce businesses and make the sales process efficient and smooth. Manual inventory management may seem manageable now, but as your business scales, so does … Continue Reading

SKU Barcode

5 Reasons Why You Need to be Using SKU Barcodes, Now!

Using SKU barcodes to help manage your e-commerce business might seem like an unnecessary step. After all, keeping track of your inventory hasn’t been too difficult so far, and there haven’t been any problems yet, right? SKU barcodes are more … Continue Reading

Warehouse Automation

Is Your Warehouse Ready for Automation?

We’ve been writing a lot about warehouse automation lately on our blog, and it’s easy to see why. Automation is modernizing faster than ever before, with robots that can open doors and automatic sorters becoming common place in larger warehouses. … Continue Reading

What KPI’s Should I Use To Measure My Picking Process?

I recently visited a client last week who had a dilemma with his online retail business; something they were willing to pay hundreds and thousands of dollars to fix. They needed help with their picking efficiency.  My customer came to … Continue Reading


How an RMA System Helps with Warehouse Management

When it comes to eCommerce and inventory management, anything that saves time and effort is valuable. Even shaving off a few seconds can make an enormous difference in the long run, especially when dealing with a large inventory. Of course, … Continue Reading


The State of Our Automated World: Part 2

This article is part 2 of a 2 part series on warehouse automation in the logistics industry and how robotics can change the future of warehouse management. If you would like to learn more about the current state of robotics … Continue Reading

What Level of Automation Do I Need For My Warehouse?

15 years ago, we went to visit a client warehouse. It was a medium sized warehouse of around 40,000 sq ft, entirely run by a single warehouse manager. They weren’t using a software, automation or excel back then — just … Continue Reading