Disrupting the Retail Supply Chain

Logiwa Integrates Shipments through Easypost

In order to provide a seamless shipment process for our customers, Logiwa is proud to announce that we are now connected to Easypost! Easypost is a great tool that helps online retailers with their shipments. Their flexible API that makes it … Continue Reading

Announcing: New Integration With Bigcartel!

We are so excited to announce that Logiwa is now seamlessly integrated with Bigcartel, one of the best shopping carts that offers everything you need to sell online. This integration makes it easy for Bigcartel sellers to manage inventory and … Continue Reading

Logiwa Connects to BlastRamp Fashion ERP

Fashion has very particular rules and dynamics, especially in retail. Fashion retailers need specific tools to manage their sales, orders and items. One of these great tools is Blastramp, a great ERP software for fashion retailers that offers all fashion … Continue Reading

Create Listings With Ease Through ChannelAdvisor in Logiwa

Today, ecommerce merchants sell their inventory across multiple sales channels. It can be a challenge to create and manage all your listings in these various marketplaces, and cost you a lot of time as well. At Logiwa, our biggest concern … Continue Reading


How To Design Your Own Pick List

What is a Pick List? A pick list is used to indicate which items should be taken from your warehouse to fulfill shipment orders. Generally, a pick list shows the shipment information, warehouse location and item information. Pick list is … Continue Reading

Online Inventory Reports

Every Retailer Needs To Look For This In Their Online Inventory Reports

Warehouse management systems (WMS) often have many different types of online inventory reports that help you track your inventory. Inventory reports are crucial to managing your business because they provide specific information on your key KPI’s and metrics, how your … Continue Reading

Using Barcode Technology in Inventory Management

5 Questions 3PL’s Need Answered Before Building an In-House WMS

So you’re a 3PL considering building your own warehouse management system (WMS). Where do you even start to figure out whether this choice is right for you? Developing in-house depends on your business requirements rather than the inherent qualities of … Continue Reading


5 Reasons Why SKUs are Essential for your Amazon Store

It might seem unnecessary to use item numbers or stock keeping units (SKUs) for your Amazon store. You might wonder if you need it if your product portfolio is limited, or your warehouse is small. Is it worth it? SKUs … Continue Reading


Everything You Ever Need To Know About Dropshipping

You may have heard of dropshipping as a fast and easy way to make money. While it can be a very easy way to sell online with none of the hassle of managing a warehouse yourself, dropshipping can be a … Continue Reading

Multi-channel Merchant

The Top 3 Ways MultiChannel Retailers Can Prepare for the Holiday Rush

Multichannel retailers and merchants can’t wait for the holiday season. Think about it— the top ten biggest shopping days of the year are in December, and Black Friday is nearly just as important. Sales are huge during the holidays, and … Continue Reading