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This is Logiwa

The face of retail is changing. Online ordering is becoming the rule, not the exception. Succeeding in today’s market takes more than good products. It takes getting those products into the hands of consumers with speed, accuracy, and efficiency.

Enter Logiwa. Thousands of users rely on Logiwa software everyday to delight their customers, delivering millions of orders where they need to go, when they need to get there.

Logiwa WMS Software is a complete cloud-powered ordering and fulfillment solution geared for high-volume, direct to consumer operations. Whether you run a 3PL or your own warehouse, running on Logiwa means you’ll be running ahead of the competition. Logiwa WMS combines connected e-commerce, digital warehousing, and smart shipping solutions in one platform for complete control and visibility. With Logiwa, online orders can be captured from virtually any e-commerce platform so fulfillment can begin without delay. Intelligent inventory management ensures an optimized put-away process and real time visibility of stocking levels. AI-enabled pick, pack and ship algorithms create a digitally-powered warehouse. Logiwa users typically see a threefold increase in order processing capacity and over 40% improvement in labor efficiency. When you invest in Logiwa, you’re investing in more than the latest WMS technology. You’re tapping into a dedicated and diverse team of professionals who’ll be with you every step of the way.

With integrations to everything from robotics to printers and scanners to ERP and accounting systems, Logiwa connects all your warehouse operations in a single platform. A platform that grows with you as your business grows. 

This is Logiwa. A passionate team of logistics and technology professionals dedicated to powering the new age of e-commerce. See what Logiwa can do for you. Schedule a Demo.