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Warehouse Management System Guide for Distributors & Wholesalers

Looking for warehouse management system for your distribution or wholesale business? Here's what you need to know.

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Distributors and Wholesalers Face Unique Warehousing Challenges

Unlike traditional warehouse management systems (WMS), a WMS for distributors and wholesalers must provide order fulfillment and order management capabilities for both B2C and B2B operations.

We put together the following guide so that you have all the information you need as you search for a WMS suitable for your business.


We Cover the Following Topics


Functions of a WMS


Challenges of B2C warehousing


Criteria for evaluating WMS


Benefits of using a WMS


Challenges of B2B warehousing


Overview of Logiwa

About Logiwa

Logiwa is a industry-leading cloud-based order fulfillment, warehouse and inventory management software that has served retail, e-commerce, wholesale, and 3PL businesses worldwide for over a decade.

Our customers get up to 100% inventory accuracy and double their shipments thanks to increased efficiency.


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