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Logiwa’s Smart Picking Strategies

Next-Level Picking Strategy to Keep Up with Increased Demand

If you’re like most online retailers, you have a growing need to fulfill orders that are quickly increasing in volume, and it’s putting a strain on the resources of your warehouse. The question then becomes, “how can I be more effective in my picking process?” In an era of hyper-speed shipping, it’s important that you use picking strategies that are built for both speed and efficiency. We’re talking about a next-level picking strategy that doesn’t just benefit workers, or your bottom line. It also benefits your customers by reducing shipping time and cost. Logiwa’s Smart Picking is the intelligent selection of products from shelves to optimize the most cost-effective order fulfillment. A smart picking strategy improves picking accuracy and speed as well as reduces labor costs and provides the foundation needed to scale your high-volume DTC fulfillment operations, all while maintaining control of all your inventory.

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