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Optimize Putaway to Enhance Every Aspect of Your Warehouse Operations

Optimizing putaway ensures every aspect of your warehouse operations—from inventory control to picking and packing—perform their best.

As you struggle to stay ahead of growing inventory levels, Logiwa’s directed putaway saves you time and helps you efficiently manage your busy warehouse. Stop wasting time and space. Avoid congestion, errors, and product damage with Logiwa’s directed putaway algorithms. Armed with information about product turnover rates, sizes, and storage or usage needs, Logiwa directs workers to the most efficient locations to place incoming shipments. Streamlined receiving. Optimized storage. Faster picking. Improved safety. From inventory control to picking and packing, Logiwa’s directed putaway ensures all aspects of your warehouse operations perform their best. That’s the first step in direct to consumer fulfillment success. That’s Logiwa. Schedule your personalized demo today.