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Best Practices in WMS Implemenation

Change is hard – especially when it comes to mission-critical systems like your WMS! Fortunately there are a number of approaches you and your software vendor can take to make implementing a new solution as painless as possible. 

Even when you find the right SaaS solution for your operations, perfect fulfillment doesn’t begin the moment you sign your name on the dotted line. It takes dedicated teamwork and a well-executed onboarding strategy to achieve great results. In fact, the steps you take before- during- and after- onboarding all play a role. 

In this QuickTake webinar, the Logiwa team covers the best practices for ensuring a positive implementation experience at a competitive speed, including: 

    • Planning For Your SaaS/WMS Implementation (4:03)
    • Optimizing Your Onboarding Journey (11:08)
    • Staying Engaged After Onboarding (20:01)

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