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Gaining Visibility & Control Over High-Volume DTC Fulfillment

Gaining Visibility & Control Over High-Volume DTC Fulfillment

Whether you’re managing a single warehouse or scaling a full-fledged fulfillment network, you need total visibility and control in order to win in today’s ecommerce world. Accurate and timely order fulfillment is a must if you want to ensure customer satisfaction, and that can only be achieved if you know exactly what’s going on in each and every area of your warehousing operations!

Without proper visibility and control, your fulfillment centers run a much higher risk of mismanaging inventory or failing to meet consumer demands… especially as you grow. Watch our Logiwa QuickTake video to learn more!

In last week’s QuickTake episode, we covered 3 areas of warehouse management where visibility and control are most vital

  • Order management and routing
  • Inventory control 
  • Optimized shipping

These three areas coincide with the key functions of all B2C/DTC operations, and must therefore be optimized in order to safeguard your operation. A lack of efficiency in any one of these areas will inevitably affect the others and threaten profitability. Order execution, stock availability, labor costs, shipping processes… These all carry risks if not monitored and analyzed properly, as well. 

As you scale your operations, keep these 3 QuickTake-aways in mind: 

  • Organizing, categorizing and optimizing your orders and respective workflows will help increase your control and visibility.
  • There are many variations and levers to pull when creating an intelligent inventory and shipping strategy that maximizes efficiency.
  • Look at efficiency through the lens of risk management: plan for threats and aim for opportunities (active shipping management, cost analysis, trend analysis, etc.).

Stay tuned for more QuickTake webinars from the Logiwa team!