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Saving Time & Money with Directed Putaway

Saving Time & Money with Directed Putaway

When it comes to managing a warehouse, the goal is simple: keep inventory moving in and out of your facility as quickly and efficiently as possible. What you might not realize is that putaway, the warehouse processes that take place between the time you receive goods and store them in their appropriate racks or shelves, is actually key to ensuring consistent fulfillment operations. 

It just makes sense: when you know where to put something, you have a much easier time finding and retrieving it again. And if that picking location is the best possible location for the item (perhaps it gets picked frequently or is bundled with another product), it will be even less work to pick, pack, and ship the final order. 

Ultimately, directed putaway is a way of leveraging inventory management strategies to organize your warehouse and achieve better order fulfillment. It’s about more than just overseeing inventory putaway in a logical way: it’s about ensuring the best possible location every time you scan an item

This method of putting inventory away or transferring items to a better location than the one they’re currently located in helps to eliminate some of the most common issues faced by DTC/B2C businesses: human errors that lower operational efficiency, excessive labor and equipment costs, low customer satisfaction rates, and the inability to effectively use available warehouse space. 

In our latest QuickTake webinar, we cover how intelligent inventory putaway can dramatically change warehouse operations for the better. If you do not have a system in place that helps to do things like optimize warehouse storage space or improve picking efficiency – it may be time to consider switching to a WMS with these competitive features. 

Our QuickTake session covers the following topics:

  • Key Criteria for Intelligent Putaway
  • The Benefits of Using Directed Putaway (including better picking efficiency, safer warehouse floors, improved fulfillment accuracy and speed, lower operational costs, etc.)
  • Pallet vs. Item Putaway Processes
  • How Directed Putaway Supports Inventory Transfers

Directed putaway provides a significant advantage for lowering operational costs and maximizing warehouse functionality, and it has become one of the leading WMS features growing DTC high-volume fulfillment networks need to succeed. 

Warehouse and logistics experts agree: if you want to meet the ecommerce boom head-on and stay ahead of ever-growing demand, smart algorithms can be depended on to help safeguard the integrity of your fulfillment processes. It doesn’t matter if you’re a manufacturer, online brand or wholesaler, warehouse or 3PL… you’ll be glad you added smart inventory putaway to your fulfillment toolbox. 

Logiwa WMS is the top provider of high-volume DTC fulfillment software on the market. Our industry-leading features (directed putaway included!) has allowed us to help hundreds of warehouse and 3PL clients optimize their inventory management to meet their specific needs. 

For more information on directed putaway or any of Logiwa’s WMS features, check out our blog, or visit us at today!