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Smarter Fulfillment Both In & Out of the Warehouse

The numbers are still being counted this peak season, but it’s clear that growth in ecommerce continues, as does fierce competition. Amazon, with growth of over 70% through the pandemic, has set a high bar for direct-to-consumer fulfillment. Now more DTC operators are benchmarking against this “elephant in the room” and winning by embracing new technologies.

This special year end edition of Logiwa’s QuickTake series as we’re joined by two experts in fulfillment logistics and technologies, Reg Adams, President of Techdinamics, and Nick Zabikow, VP of Sales at Logiwa. Reg and Nick will call on their combined decades of experience in WMS software, DTC fulfillment, and integrated shipping solutions to discuss topics including:

    • How leading DTC fulfillment operators are meeting and beating the Amazon standard
    • Making data-driven shipping decisions
    • Simplifying fulfillment through automation and integration

You can check out our blog post on the Winning in Today’s Ecommerce Environment – Smarter Fulfillment and Improving DTC Operations” here.